Honda Civic Hatchback – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by Lurked. Model: Honda Civic Hatchback. File size: MB. Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Are the ones we consider be, a seat belt is your best protection, are designed. Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Civic Coupe Online Reference Owner’s Manual, use these links (and links.

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If the level is onwer the lower 5-speed Manual Transmission mark, add fluid into the tube to bring it to the upper mark. Page Tires US: Lights Replacing Rear Bulbs in 3. If the headlights do start falls into two areas, depending Starter Motor Operates Very not dim, check the condition of on what you hear when you turn Slowly the fuses. Storing Your Car Block the rear wheels. Loosen the drain plug on the its holder by pulling it straight up. Wipe the vinyl make the carpet wear out faster.

You operate the CD changer with the same controls used for the radio and cassette player. DX, LX, and Periodically check the engine’s If the air conditioning does not get Canadian LX, EX models radiator and air conditioning as cold as before, have your dealer Your car’s air conditioning is a civiv for leaves, insects, and check the system.

Adjust the warmth of the air with the temperature control lever. A re- placement unit must be an original Honda part or its equivalent. Details can be found in the Warranty section.


Gas Station Information kPa 4. It holds up to six discs, providing several hours of continuous programming. Store the wheel cover or center cap in the trunk. Tighten the wheel nuts securely Store this plate in a safe place. Transmission Oil Transmission Oil 5.

Remove it again and check the Look at the coolant level in the level. Gearshift Lever Positions Four-way Flashers Selecting Proper Viscosity Methanol in Gasoline Page 16 ON II.

Alcohol and Drugs Driving a car requires your full at- The safest thing you can do is If you have no choice but to drive, tention and alertness. Driving Driving Preparing to Drive Keep Your Car Safe Condition, of such problems, check your tire, your car equipped with many, some safety features owne not require. Page A special engine oil fill cap.

2003 Honda Civic Hatchback – Owner’s Manual (275 pages)

Periodic Checks Periodic Checks You should check the following Engine oil level — Check every Tires — Check the tire owber items at the specified intervals. If you use a Use an approved child seat. Controls Near the Steering Wheel To flash the high beams, pull back Headlights and hold the turn signal lever. Position the clip as close as 3. You may feel what seems like another shift when the con- verter locks. Try the taillights and back-up lights to verify which bulb needs replacing.

This section gives you hints on how to clean and preserve your car’s appearance: The easiest place to find the V I N is on a plate fastened to the top of the dashboard.

Heating and Cooling To Turn Everything Off To Defog and Defrost To rapidly remove exterior frost or To remove fog from the inside of ice from the windshield on very To shut off the system temporarily, cold daysfirst select.


Page 17 Do not modify your steering wheel uninflated airbags can be dangerous. Have the car checked by your Honda dealer. On Canadian cars Taking Care of the Unexpected Page Low Oil Pressure 1.

Remove the reserve tank from 1. Pull the support rod out of its clip 1. Your safety, and safety others, you to honca hazards that could, possible to warn you about all, you will find this important safety information in variety forms.


Reinstall the two screws and tighten them securely. Your Honda has three attachment latch plate.

ZFR5F corrosion on the terminals. You in Canada Cruise control allows you to can damage your car’s accelerator maintain a set speed above lwner mph mechanism by resting your foot Depending on which side you store radio frequencies for later proper preset button to tune to it.

Page 90 Using any type hoda leaded gasoline ates: If the light off the engine. Page Lights 4. If your car you want genuine Honda parts needs repairs after a collision, pay used in the repair.