Ford Taurus Owners Manual [Ford Motor Company] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Ford Taurus. Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Ford Taurus Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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fird Ensure that the cables are clear of fan msnual, belts, moving parts of both engines, or any fuel delivery system parts.

The next two numbers or letters are the plant code designating where it was manufactured, the next two are the tire size code and the last four Taurus tau Owners Guide postfmt USA fus Page The tire suppliers may have additional markings, notes or warnings such as standard load, radial tubeless, etc. Route the child safety seat tether strap over the back of the seat. Ford Motor Company has not approved a slingbelt towing procedure.

This indicates the safety belt is now in the automatic locking mode. Index Child safety restraints When you pass a broadcast tower, a stronger signal may ownres a weaker one and play while the weak station frequency is displayed.

Press the RES resume control and release it. Do not tow a trailer until your vehicle has been driven at least km miles.

Remove the jumper cable from the ground metal surface. Page 7 By referring to the pages in the provided supplement, you can properly identify those features, recommendations and specifications that are unique to your vehicle.

2007 Ford Taurus – Owner’s Manual (232 pages)

If other than Ford, Motorcraft or Ford-authorized parts are used for maintenance replacements or for service of components affecting emission control, such non-Ford parts should be equivalent to genuine Ford Motor Company parts in performance and durability.


Small children are particularly at risk. Use tape or a rubber band to hold the vinyl to the left side of the tube. Carefully push the carpet back in to place and install the plastic cover inside the trunk with five push pins and two plastic mushroom nuts. Remove the upper trim panel.

Ford Taurus Owners Manual PDF

Be sure to put the cap back on the reservoir. Introduction The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it. Page Examples are: Loosen the thumbwheel at both ends of the cross-bar. Page Roadside Emergencies Ford Motor Company produces a towing manual for all authorized tow truck operators.

Servicing after towing If you tow a trailer for long distances, your vehicle will require more frequent service intervals. The indicator light will flash slowly and then rapidly after HomeLink accepts the radio frequency signal.

maanual Have a qualified technician at a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer check the wheel alignment periodically. If you do not install and use the safety seat properly, the child may be injured in a sudden stop or collision. Pull up on the handle and push the floor panel into place.

Due to technical incompatibility, certain recordable and re-recordable compact discs may not function correctly when used in Ford CD players.


An out of position front center occupant could affect the decision of the gord passenger sensing system. Fold the edges of the vinyl towards the center, making sure that the edges clear the end cap slots. Locate the correct anchor for the selected seating position.

Don’t show me this message again.


Page 5 Do not add friction modifier compounds or special break-in oils during the first few thousand miles kilometers of operation, since these additives may prevent piston ring seating. Cd Changer Do not pull too hard on the disc holder as the disc holder may come completely out of the magazine. Irregular shaped CDs, CDs with a scratch protection film attached, and CDs with homemade paper adhesive labels should not be inserted into the CD player.

Ford Taurus Owners Manuals

Remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were connected. Press again to stop. After the disabled vehicle has been started and the jumper cables removed, allow it to idle for several minutes so the engine computer can relearn its idle conditions.

See Engine oil in the Maintenance and Specifications chapter for more information on oil usage.

Carefully install the tail lamp assembly on the body side panel and secure it with two bolts. Page Recycled engine coolant Ford Motor Company does NOT recommend the use of recycled engine coolant in vehicles originally equipped with Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant since a Ford-approved recycling process is not yet available.

Remove two screws mabual the lower trim panel majual the liftgate. To put your vehicle in gear: Illuminates when the battery is not charging properly. Booster seats position a child so that safety belts fit better. Exposure of people or animals to these high temperatures for even a short time can cause death or serious heat-related injuries, including brain damage.