Pamono G_017 Graphic Print by Adrian Purgał for Galaeria Factory

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This G_017 print was designed by Adrian Purgał with computer graphics and mixed techniques. It has a limited edition of 20 pieces. It is a giclee print on Hahnemühle German Ething 310g / m2, HP Vivera inks with a two-hundred-year warranty on durability and intended for FineArt prints. It does not include the binding. The graphic is provided with the designer’s own signature. It is also stamped ‘AP’ and ‘GB’, as well as a handwritten title and a copy number. Two certificates are attached to the graphics: the designer’s certificate and the certificate of printing, certifying the authenticity of the print and its uniqueness. In addition, the printing certificate and the original print are accompanied by a hologram with a unique and compatible number.

Giclee prints are the highest quality reproductions of works of art whose appearance, thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and printing devices, is almost indistinguishable from the original. Currently, in Western Europe and the USA, it is an increasingly popular way of presenting and selling works among artists. Large format prints in this technique are made in limited editions and then signed by the artist themself. The most important features that distinguish Giclee type from the classic, available in supermarkets, reproduction are the printing technology and the applied substrates. The non-transparent printing technology allows you to obtain prints in which the spot is practically imperceptible to the naked eye. High-quality consumables (substrates and inks) ensure a much more accurate color reproduction as well as the durability of the obtained effects. Professional Giclee prints can be displayed for over 100 years without any visible change in color. Adrian Purgał is a graphic designer. Due to his profession and inseparable contact with the computer, he moved his art to a digital matrix and for more than ten years he created using almost exclusively computer graphics tools. This period brought countless graphics and artistic realizations in utility forms such as logos, illustrations, commercial projects, as well as the mentioned covers, posters, including film ones, as well as artistic ones like dozens and even hundreds of graphics, from which selected few authors exhibitions. As an artist, he made his debut at the ‘First Exhibition of Polish Design GBPower New Life’ in London in 2015 and the designer’s exhibition, in January 2016, at the POSK Gallery in London.

According to the designer, ‘In my graphics, which are at the same time a complement to musical creativity, poetry and song lyrics, I primarily deal with man. The fascination of discovering everyday life and moving into a different dimension, sometimes mystical and divine, allows me to find myself in almost every one of my tirelessly imaging human weaknesses, fears, sometimes even depressive visions, is a kind of diary of my artistic life, which makes my art intimate, and the viewer can look into the world of thoughts. I try to personify our weaknesses and desires by displaying them in the picture.’        Read more ?

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