Snowboard Lighting Kit


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Waterproof Color LED Strip Snowboard Lighting Kit!

RGB LED Strip System Comes with:

• 12v Lithium-Ion Battery

• 16.4 Feet of High Quality Addressable RGB LED Strips

• RF remote controller

• Completely Waterproof

• Extra Strength Foam Adhesive 3M Tape to ensure your LEDs stay on for more than one season, unlike our competitors.

What sets our Snowboard LED Kit apart from the competition is the unmatched quality of the LED Strips and Components used.

Thanks to the Automotive grade 3M adhesive used our strips are made to stay, if you have ever worked with LED strips before you know how much of a struggle keeping them stuck on can be. Our LED Strips are also fully encased in a durable and flexible epoxy, allowing you to bend and mold the strip into place without having to worry about breaking the PCB underneath. This same epoxy rates these LED strips IP68, fully waterproof and even submersible. Combine that with our waterproof screw on barrel connectors and your LEDs are more than ready for the snow.

Top it all off with a compact and insulated pouch for the battery and controller,

keeping them safe and warm from the elements. The perfect size for boarding pants and jackets. The 9ft extension allows you plenty of room while figuring out a path from your pocket to the board. We recommend running the wire inside of your pant leg, the same leg that does not leave your bindings at the bottom of the hill. This insures that there is no pull on the wire connecting to your snowboard.     🙂 🙂 Lire la suite »

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