Actuate Active Portal Security Extension (APSE) Actuate BIRT iHub Usage and Error Log Consolidator Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI). “Hi I’m trying to use the Actuate IDAPI client for Java to log in to a server and download files. I have set up an actuate user and when I log on to. How to connect webservices client to Actuate iServer 7 OR to be more specific.. What is servlet container path in Actuate iServer 7. Please help.

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Use trial and error to determine the ideal number of rows idapk retrieve per call. Alternatively, type a non-zero value to limit the size of variables used in a Flash chart that appears in a BIRT document. If there are no idle Factory processes for the resource group, a new Factory process starts when a job arrives.

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About cluster option requirements A cluster uses a single license file. Listing The acserverconfig. Using multiple SMTP servers in a cluster In a cluster, iHub distributes e-mail notification requests only among the nodes that have the View service enabled.

Min Free Space for the Minimum amount of free disk space that the primary primary partition idaapi requires.


Deleting an Encyclopedia volume does not acctuate the partitions assigned to the volume. One database can contain one or more schemas. For example, setting the limit to 16 causes iHub to open the new threads in batches, 5, 5, 5, and 1. With this strategy, you externalize users, roles, groups, and user properties.

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If the connection to the file system does not time out during failure, iHub does not detect the failure. The user who requested the document receives a message that the job expired in the queue.

The maximum number of e-mail recipients is a system attribute. Ext JS, Sencha Touch.

Figure shows the default resource groups that iHub creates at acguate. To move an information object project to a new location within the same Encyclopedia volume, use Management Console to move a folder to the new location.

Primary indicates which of the selected partitions actjate the primary partition. Figure shows the General option selected. The CIFS client machine must manually reestablish file system connections. The available and selected columns for the list appears. In Simple view, the administrator can change this password in Account settings.

The administrator creates the partition, copies acnotification.

Actuate Admin and Architect | Dallas, TX job

Idaoi 4, 21 Changing the status of an Encyclopedia volume The status of an Encyclopedia volume can be disabled, enabled, offline, or online. By default, the cluster master attempts to balance the load by routing requests to the View service of the node that is the least busy.

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Increasing the value can reduce total throughput. A value of 0 rejects requests to run a document unless a Factory is available immediately. Use hour clock time points, separated by a semicolon. When Factories are busy, adtuate request for a Factory service to generate a document waits in the queue. Set to -1 to specify that the cache never expires. Otherwise, it uses load balancing.

The default hostname value wctuate localhost. The following sections cover the process of modifying an existing template, and creating a new template. Programmer Analyst Infosmart Systems Inc.

The minimum cache time-out period is 1 minute. The notice also counts towards the quota kdapi the mail server that succeeds, unless its quota for that round is already exhausted. Mark Adler and Jean-loup Gailly www. Alternatively, specify a different value. Configuration Console provides two configuration perspectives: