Ototoxicidad Perturbaciones transitorias o definitivas de la función auditiva y/o vestibular inducidas por sustancias de uso terapéutico. Transcript of AMIKACINA. AMINOGLUCOSIDOS son un grupo de antibióticos bactericidas que detienen el crecimiento bacteriano. Aminoglucósidos Su principal problema es su nefrotoxicidad y ototoxicidad. siempre se asocia a un segundo antibiótico • Amikacina: uso muy extendido en.

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Em ambas as fases, utilizou-se a totalidade dos casos registrados de tuberculose pulmonar entre e Esto se debe a la falta de profundidad de la anamnesis -en ocasiones- y en otras, al desconocimiento de los familiares. Participaram 34 mulheres atendidas na maternidade. It is concluded that there are controversies regarding the pathogenesis of this morbidity during pregnancy and, therefore, no treatments other than those recommended since year 50 are offered, so there is a great need to carry out robust studies that show which are the best new prophylactic measures and treatment from the beginning of pregnancy, in addition to promoting the prevention of subsequent appearance, in such a way that the health of the woman and consequently that of her baby is ensured.

The indication of amikacin in prostatectomy-type surgeries refers to prophylactic use, which is why the concern about the amikacija of administering the drug in these patients arises, ototodicidad into account that, among the adverse effects, nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity are evidenced mainly in people older adults or with previous kidney problems.

The objective was to know the perception of nurses about the reception and classification of risk in primary health care.

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After establishing the inclusion and exclusion criteria and critical analysis, four documents were selected that relate to the answer to the question posed. Dezesseis enfermeiros entrevistados participaram. Marina Ferraz Neves Oliveira. Diariamente durante dos meses. La hipoxia como causa de EOA alteradas puede ser secundaria a causas fetales, maternas, placentarias o neonatales.

Next, It has used the second combination: Tal vez te pueda interesar: It is concluded that it is necessary to socialize the legislation, so as to offer safety to the user and nurses in the transfusion process. The data analysis was carried out through an interpretative framework, selecting the ideas highlighted by means of chromatic technique; next, the empirical data confronted with the theory is discussed.


However, a larger number of unimmunized children in the larger age group were observed. Mariana Oliveira Amikacin Ferraz. The evidence indicates that no study directly responded to the clinical question posed, the investigations analyzed do not demonstrate evidence confirming ototoxifidad the prophylactic use of amikacin is beneficial in patients undergoing surgery.

The objective of this research was to ototoxicidxd the knowledge of bioethics by health academics in a public university in Bahia. Arch Dis Child ; El equipo utilizado fue Starkey DP Clin Pediatr Norteam ; 1: The data provided through interviews conducted between January and May The results for the critical analysis were thoroughly reviewed through the FCL 2.

Ototoxicidad (toxidad auditiva)

Inclusion criteria were articles published in Portuguese and English between andarticles freely available and electronically, be limited until elderly, have major depressive disorder and depression as main subjects, in addition to have relevant content to respond the objective of this study.

Wood S, Mc Cormick B. Mc Graw-Hill Interamericana, The results showed that there is an important percentage of nurses who do not know basic aspects of the institutional regulations for blood transfusion.

The intervention for the treatment of pregnant women is conservative therapy, only in exceptional cases will be determined another type of treatment. In both phases, the totality of registered cases of pulmonary tuberculosis between and was used.

Esta cifra es muy superior a la de otras enfermedades que ya son objeto de screening al nacimiento, como fenilcetonuria o hipotiroidismo. The studied population presented high prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease and there was a correlation between alcohol and tobacco use time with periodontal disease and with higher DMFT. Se concluye que es necesario socializar la normativa, de manera que se ofrezca seguridad al usuario y enfermeras os en el proceso transfusional.

Prophylaxis focuses on administering patients with urological surgical procedures as first choice a lower spectrum antibiotic, since to administer amikacin it is necessary to comply with established institutional guidelines according to the condition of each user, taking into account the results of the tests of renal function pre and post administration.


A systematic search of the literature was carried out, which consists of the use of search engines and specialized databases. Education plays a very important role in the safety of the mother and the fetus. The accomplishment of the teamwork and the prioritization of the improvement of the assistance by the management of the unit were classified with basic capacity.

The Intensive Care Unit ICU is characterized by treating patients of extreme severity, where the care premium in its entirety.

Finalmente, uma narrativa dos resultados foi estruturada. It is concludes that there is continued need for greater vigilance of the professional team to be particularly attentive the psychiatric expressions with the main purpose of to make earlier diagnosis and to prevent higher impacts. A self-administered instrument was used for data collection with the aspects of transfusion regulations; for data analysis the Surveymonkey system was used.

Among the results, it was found that in the period studied, 5, cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia were registered, which corresponds to 0. There are known risk factors related to pregnancy and to the newborn period.


Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa. The hearing impairment infant: It is an epidemiological, cross-sectional, census-based, analytical study with institutionalized drug users, carried out from August to June The Critical Care Extension Services are already applied in different parts of the world, especially in Europe, Canada, Australia and Argentina, thinking about the quality of specialist care for critical patients, under this methodology.

otoroxicidad Os homens apresentam 1,9 vezes mais a possibilidade de desenvolver tuberculose e as pessoas com HIV apresentam 9,7 vezes essa possibilidade.

Warli de Brito Ferreira. Depression; Renal dialysis and Elderly, making use of the interrelation of Boolean operator and.