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AGR officers assigned to command 371-04-3 the company level w i l l serve in an SPMD position at the battalion level under the following conditions: AGR soldiers undergoing extensive medical treatment, or medical board proceedings for line of duty LOD related injuries or diseases will be retained in AGR status until final disposition by medical authorities.

See table below. 37–104-3 Command and Leadership Program is not intended to provide full-time commanders or leaders for units.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy and Procedures Active Component

What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Adjutants General, as the approving authority, may not initiate separation actions under provisions of this paragraphs. Submit your question and AskTOP!

The MOI will include the composition of the board, necessary administrative support and Adjutants General guidance on the conduct of the board. Aviators entering FTNGD from Active Military Service without a break in service must complete an chapter 4 retention ARflight physical within 18 months preceding initial entry.

Supervision of PFT program is the responsibility of commanders and supervisors. As a minimum, semi-annual updates covering requirements, benefits, and entitlements of the AGR program ra be published and distributed to each AGR soldier, with a briefing every 2 years.


Static boards with a fixed membership will not be established. This will include, as a minimum the professional development requirements the soldier must complete and the time frame for completion. Photograph for Military Personnel Files. Are you confronted with an ethical dilemma?

Chapter 6 Separation b. Do you have a question about Army doctrine? When identifying TDA positions the paragraph and line number must be within the same directorate and functional area e.

AGR Continuation Boards are conducted as follows: They must be on leave for the duration of the state mission. Selection procedures in paragraph 2 – 5 will be followed. Reassign enlisted soldiers within a unit when 3-7104-3 reassignment does not involve a change of duty station using DA Form Personnel Action.

Section I I Procedures Submission of applications In addition to the provisions of AR paragraph the following requirements apply: It may also a result from assignment error, or as an authorized exception to policy to correct an injustice.

Scheduling of AGR soldiers for required schools is the responsibility of the soldier, commander, and supervisor. Soldiers who do not qualify within 12 months will be reassigned to 37-04-3 for which they are qualified or ra from the AGR program. AR Army Forces Training.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

The decision of ad Adjutant General as the approving authority is final. I a m aware that during the first 18 months of my initial period of duty in the AGR Program, I will be subject to the following: Have you been confronted by an ethical dilemma? Can any Leader inspect a Profile? AGR soldiers may be retained in an excess or overgrade status, as appropriate, for not more than 1 year after the effective date established by NGB – ARM. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.


DA Pam U. Boards will be composed as f 01 lows: Individuals being counseled will verify of counseling acknowledgment session s1.

The senior FTS soldier assigned to an organization will be assigned supervisory responsibilities IAW the following provisions: Those who are not on leave will pay any State pay and allowances to the servicing FAO. Career management positions are designated as enlisted positions SSG and above, all warrant officer positions, and commissioned officer positions Major and above.

Information on AskTOP is categorized into a 37-10-43 of subject areas for convenient browsing. Applicants must reenlist or extend in order to meet this requ i remen t. Announcement or individual disclosures of the board proceedings will not be made prior to TAG approval.

I a 37-14-3 aware that the AGR Program will require successful completion I W of resident and non-resident courses of instruction given by military or civilian institutions. Additional initial eligibility requirements Applicants must meet the following additional requirements: A letter of recommendation or performance evaluation will be submitted on soldiers not requiring an NCOER.