Famous for its rich spices, indulgent flavours and iconic dishes, Awadhi cuisine is steeped in history. Tom Shingler heads to Zaika in. The association has advised hotels and restaurants in the state to serve authentic Awadhi cuisine. THE PLAN “Normally we see that what is. Awadhi cuisine hails from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Nawabs of Awadh were inhabitants of Persia (modern day Iran) and initially were deputies of the Mughal .

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Murg Musallam is a stuffed roasted chicken. The chicken is first marinated for several hours and stuffed with boiled eggs and dry fruits, which is further cooked in different spices. This dish is considered as favorite one of the royal family. The dish is garnished beautifully with chandi vark. Kebabs have always been an important ccuisine of Awadhi cuisine.

These are special kebabs made of lamb. The lamb is blended with different special spices and cooked on the charcoal which provides it the tenderness and juicy flavor. The aroma of these kebabs is mouth watering. These are categorized under must try dish of Lucknow.

Their ancestors had served the Nawabs of Lucknow.

Preparation of these kebabs is very special and secretive, which they had been following since many years. These kebabs will melt in your mouth leaving indelible the flavor of each and every spice. This kebab exists both as vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. These are so common in Lucknow that now it is considered as street food.

One of mu favorite, it is a dish consisting of rice cooked with meat, different spices, and dry fruits. The dish is always served with dahi raita and green chutney which adds up its flavor. The garnishing of a dish is done in a very different way i. The Awadhi cuisine is not just famous for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, but also for its amazing desserts too.

This is a special dessert made of churned milk flavored with saffron and cardamom. It is lighter than air and you will not even feel a thing in your mouth except refreshing flavor of saffron, cardamom and dry fruits. It is a special chaat served in a basket made out of deep fried sliced up potatoes basket. The chaat is garnished with curd, dry fruits, chaat masala and pomegranate seeds.

Awadhi cuisine

The decoration is so beautiful and colorful, that your mouth will turn watery just by looking at it. It is considered as a street food.


We could spot those normal golgappa cuisie every other place in North India, but this is a special one of Lucknow. The golgappas are filled with dahi, sweet flavored chutney and garnished with special chaat masala. Just writing about it makes my mouth watery. It makes the perfect combination with non-vegetarian curry.

It is xuisine most favorite dessert of Lucknowites. It is the combination of saffron flavored kulfi which is the iced milk and dry fruits garnished with falooda.

The pleasant aroma of aroma and scented faluda will refresh you. It completes your five- course meal perfectly. The dish is prepared by aadhi mutton in the spicy gravy made out of dry fruits, yogurt, and cream. The mutton is cooked on a low flame so that the spices added to the curry add its flavors to it. The mutton becomes tender and juicy in taste. It is served with paratha or rice and tastes delicious. The specialty of this dish is that its sauce is prepared of onions.

The content of onions in its sauce provides it a very different flavor. The spices added to its sauce increase the aroma and deliciousness of the dish. As the name suggests, this dessert cuuisine made of malai with the stuffing of dry fruits and mawa. The flavor of cardamom is quite pleasant. The outer covering of malai is decorated with an edible silver coating which is also known as vark and pista.

The content of sauce of this dish is more with tender mutton soaked into it. The spicy sauce of this dish will blow your mind. The curry of a dish is made out of grinded peas with pieces of potato soaked into it.

Every single vegetarian who tries it for the first awahi loves it. It is usually served with boiled rice and both make a great combination. The dessert is made of bread as its base with the topping of rabri and dry fruits, flavored with saffron and cardamom. The deep aadhi bread at the base is soaked in cardamom flavored sugar syrup. The aroma and presentation of this delicacy are amazing. The sauce of this delicacy is made of milk and cream which gives it a white color.

The pieces of chicken are soaked into this creamy sauce. The flavor of the sauce is sweetish and fascinating. The name itself reveals the secret of this delicacy. The grinded flesh of lamb or beef mixed with the variety of spices provides it a perfect taste.


The fried kebabs melt down as soon as you keep it on your tongue, reviving all the taste buds in your mouth. The dish is very common one among all the Awadhi delicacies. The curry is medium spicy and the pieces of the chicken is cooked with the curry on low flame in a kadhai. Every bit of the spice added to the curry flavors the chicken. The tenderness of the flesh increases due to low flame cooking. This delicacy is very rarely known and available to people.

Expert Talk: Why the Awadhi cuisine is full of surprises and novelty – Food & Drink News

The dessert is made with special basmati rice flavored with cardamom sugar syrup. The saffron awadyi and taste of the dessert is quite refreshing and mesmerizing. It is garnished beautifully with chandi vark and dry fruits. It is a must try dish. Top 20 Local Foods Of Chattisgarh. Top 20 Delicacies of Kolkata. Top 20 Dosa Shop In Kolkata.

Awadhi Cuisine – Great British Chefs

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Superuser – December 31, 0. Village food is amazing in taste, and each village food has a story associated with its origin. Food from the villages of Bihar also Bangalore is a popular city in India. Young individuals enjoy nightlife and street food in the different parts of the city. Rice is used extensively for making delicious cuisines.

Butter and biryanis: India’s Awadhi cuisine

It can be used to make a spicy treat as well as a sweet dish. Superuser – December 30, 0. Food is present in all forms and adadhi cuisines. Every tradition and culture offers some food items that it boasts about and is worth Guests can visit your home without giving notice.

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