Listen to streaming Soprano online: Malinconia, Ninfa gentile by Vincenzo Bellini , performed by Leah Partridge (Soprano), Anne Breeden. Malinconia, ninfa gentile official lyrics by Vincenzo Bellini: Malinconia, Ninfa gentile, la vita mia consacro a te; i tuoi piaceri chi tiene. “Malinconia, Ninfa Gentile”. We have to sing a classical music piece in some language other than English for the final exam in my voice class. I’ve had a devil of.

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Previous Entry Next Entry. Log in No account? Melancholy, gentle nymph, I consecrate my life to you; He who your pleasures despises, To true pleasures is not born. Mountains and hills I begged of God; At last I was heard, and I will live content, Never beyond the hills did I desire to go, Never beyond the mountains will I go past. Comments 11 comments — Leave a comment.

Really, really good choice. That’s exactly the kind of thing you should be working on!


Malinconia, ninfa gentile for… | Details | AllMusic

It’s not easy yet won’t stress your voice. And it’s pretty, too! I’m actually worried that it’s a bit much. Or alternatively, that I’m just not a tenor, after all.

Malinconia, ninfa gentile for voice & piano (6 ariette da camera)

Link Reply Parent Thread. You do have a deep-ish voice for a tenor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sing things written for a tenor.

And let’s gentils it- if the song was easy you wouldn’t like it. Gotta back Blanche on this one. From what I’ve seen, you’re most likely a lyric baritone. That E is high, but I have every confidence that you can do it! Have I mentioned I’m proud of you for taking this calss?

I have no idea about music, so I’ll relate as I know how.

Classical Music | Soprano

That high ‘e’ sounds like a yard shot on a 40cm X. With practice, you’ll hit it. Well, gentjle love a duck – I’ll just go shoot myself in the head. Seriously, you’ll get points with anyone who knows what they’re doing for differentiating.


Malinconia, Ninfa gentile | Leah Partridge | Soprano | Free classical music online

Seriously, my grandfather felt, all his life, that by pointing ou people’s minor flaws and errors, he was doing him a favor and they’d be grateful. And my father thought that people would forgive him for making ignorant comments, nlnfa he didn’t know any better – but they don’t.

That’s your point of view? That to choose to sing an arietta and calling it “classical” is an ignorant comment that no one would forgive? Tags ces h surfing venicebeach via ljapp View my Tags page. Designed by Paulina Bozek.