observations: Byron’s poem is set in Venice at Carnevale: the season of joy and pleasure preceding Lent. Heroine Laura thinks she is widowed. George Gordon Byron: Beppo ( words) In Beppo the garrulous narrator tells the story of how Beppo (short for Guiseppe) disappears on a sea voyage. The purpose of this paper is to show that Beppo, a story known to be based on an . 9: Tony Tanner, ch.2, «Lord Byron: A Sea Cybele», Venice Desired.

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It is less than two years since his separation, the facts of which, among many rumours, had remained in the public eye. But I am but a nameless sort of person, A broken dandy lately on my travels And take for rhyme, to hook my rambling verse on, The first that Walker’s lexicon bwppo, And when I can’t find that, I put a worse on, Not caring as I ought for critics’ cavils.

BEPPO by Lord Byron

Some weeks before Shrove Tuesday comes about. And up and down the long canals they go, And under the Rialto shoot along, By night and day, all paces, swift or slow, And round the theatres, a sable throng, They wait in their dusk livery of woe, – But not to them do woeful things belong, For sometimes they contain a deal of fun, Like mourning coaches when the funeral’s done. I love Venice and the Venetian masks. They want to give it a personality, to play with the contrast between private and professional, to hint at its insincerities: My pen is at the bottom of a page, Which being finish’d, here the story ends; ‘Tis to be wish’d it had been sooner done, But stories somehow lengthen when begun.

Having accumulated enough money he left piracy and returned to reclaim his wife and be re-baptized. A fourth’s so pale she fears she’s going to faint, A fifth’s look’s vulgar, dowdyish, and suburban, A sixth’s white silk has got a yellow taint, A seventh’s thin muslin surely will be her bane, And lo! I say the poet is the hero – it’s his failure as a poet that makes him who he is, and I wonder if Byron had in mind the self-portrait he offered Moore when he wrote:.

How short your hair is! She said, – what could she say?

A man of the world

As he does in major poems like Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juanin Beppo Byron mixes fictional elements with autobiographical ones. G eorge Orwell once said of saints that they should be judged guilty until proven innocent.


Byron’s Life Byron’s Works. Fragment of a Novel Letters Memoirs. But there is a lot more discussion and digression in the poem, which is enjoyable, easy to read, and very funny.

Begins, and prudery flings aside her fetter. He was cast away About where Troy stood once, and nothing stands; Became a slave of course, and for his pay Had bread and bastinadoes, till some bands Of pirates landing in a neighbouring bay, He join’d the rogues and prosper’d, and became A renegado of indifferent fame. But they were young: What he wants to spend it on is sentiment, on earned sentiment, and “Beppo” contains a beautiful description of the joys of love: With any other women did you wive?

She mourns him decently for several years, but finally succumbs to the general practice and takes a lover, a cavalier servente. With a vice-husband, chiefly to protect her.

I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, Which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin, With syllables which breathe of the sweet South, And gentle liquids gliding all so pat in, Byronn not a single accent seems uncouth, Like our harsh northern whistling, grunting guttural, Which we’re obliged to hiss, and spit, and sputter all. But saving this, you may put on whate’er You like by way of doublet, cape, or cloak.

Such accomplishments make for an amiable life; they make him amiable, too: She hyron the present, past, and lotd to be yet, She gives us luck in lotteries, love, and marriage; I cannot say that she’s done much for me yet; Not that I mean her bounties to disparage, We’ve not yet closed accounts, and we shall see yet; How much she’ll make amends for past miscarriage.

Her husband sail’d upon the Adriatic, And made some voyages, too, in other seas, And when he lay in quarantine for pratique A forty days’ precaution ‘gainst diseaseHis wife would mount, at times, her highest attic, For thence she could discern the ship with ease; He was a merchant trading to Aleppo, His name Giuseppe, call’d more briefly, Beppo.

Is ‘t true they use their fingers for a fork? I don’t mean to be coarse, But that’s the penalty, to say no worse.

Please help improve bepo article by adding citations to reliable sources. The name of this Aurora I’ll not mention, Although I might, for she was nought to me More than that patent work of God’s invention, A charming woman, whom we like to see; But writing names would merit reprehension, Yet if you like to find out this fair sheAt the next London or Parisian ball You still may mark her cheek out-blooming all.


A Lent will well-nigh starve ye”. Love in full life and length, not love ideal, No, nor ideal beauty, that fine name, But something better still, so very real, That the sweet model must have been the same; A thing that you byeon purchase, beg, or steal, Were ‘t not impossible, besides a shame: For the benefit of the less knowing, he gestures heavily at what he isn’t saying.

Which means that I like all and everything. United Kingdom, England Country of Origin. He was a Turk, the colour of mahogany; And Laura saw him, and at first was glad, Because the Turks so much admire phylogyny, Although their usage of their wives is sad; ‘Tis said they use no better than a dog any Poor woman, whom they purchase like a pad; They have a number, though the ne’er exhibit ’em, Four wives by law, and concubines: He patronised the Improvisatori, Nay, bpepo himself extemporise some stanzas, Wrote rhymes, sang songs, could also tell a story, Sold pictures, and was skilful in the dance as Italians can be, though in this their glory Must surely yield the palm to that which France has; In short, he was a perfect cavaliero, And to his very valet seem’d a hero.

Beppo, A Venetian Story Poem by George Gordon Byron – Poem Hunter Comments

One of those forms which flit by us, when we Are young, and fix our eyes on every face; And, oh! Byron himself, as he makes clear in this poem, is suspicious of writers defined entirely by their art.

That is to say, if your religion’s Roman, And you at Rome would do as Romans do, According to the proverb, – although no man If foreign, is obliged to fast; and you If Protestant, or sickly, or a woman, Would rather dine in sin on a ragout – Dine and be damned! According to Venetian lird she takes on a Cavalier Serventesimply called “the Count”.