Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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It should be noted that the current loop gains Pr 4.

Unidrive SP Modular

Page Indicates that the axis has been correctly initialized and is ready to run. When the control system is leaving the mains loss ride through condition ACUU it is important that no load is applied to the input rectifier until it is fully active.

Provided the uidrive parameters for the position feedback are correct this parameter shows the speed in rpm.

Attempt to synchronize for 30s. Page All other sizes V 2. It should be noted that the differential term is limited internally so that it is ineffective if speed in rpm x Kd x Ki is greater than Page The value shown in Pr 5. The use of a Smartcard in boot mode or an SM-Applications module can ensure drive manuall are immediately programmed to avoid this situation. Second Motor Parameters Pr 1. Page If the delay parameter is negative, the delay holds the output active for the delay period after the active condition has been removed as shown below.


Twice this time will be taken to adjust the output from Closed-loop vector, Servo 0 to 6 Default Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate Background tdchniques This parameter is used to set the position controller mode as shown in the following table. Drive power supply monitor Active supply 6.

Control Techniques unidrive sp Manuals

Open-loop This is not the case and the flux producing current will vary as the load is increased. This data can be viewed through Pr This module contains two processors, and thus two software versions. Rs compensation is applied. Understanding the display There are two keypads available for the Uniidrive SP. Page This data can be viewed through Pr Page When the Sectional control mode is selected the function is also reset, and the output is held at zero, when the control Pr Therefore the flux against flux producing current characteristic is non-linear.

However there is a delay of 0. Once two valid changes have occurred the test operates in the same way as for other encoder types.

NOTE Note that this will also cause a reset of the module and this parameter will return back to zero automatically. Page The parameter required to be represented as an analog signal by the analog output on terminal 10, should be programmed into this parameter.


Sm-io 32 Update rate: Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Range 0 to 3 Regen Update rate Write at power-up This parameter has four possible values,and indicates the voltage rating of the drive. Lock position feedback Revolution counter Position x.

The drive allows up to five seconds for this process. Modbus Rtu 0 through ,anual This parameter should be set up to give the pole pitch of a linear motor, i.

A value of manuual indicates that the Input is inactive. Position Control When the cotnrol controller is de-selected i. The maximum measurable value for a particular drive size can be calculated from the following formula. Read position Disable drive encoder position check by setting Pr Page Update rate: When the drive is first powered up a UU trip is initiated if the supply voltage is below the restart voltage level and another trip is not active.