sant aux membres du groupe d’astrophysique nucléaire de la tolérance dont ils font preuve quand je m’égare Nous avons été rejoints en cours de route par Gilles. Maurin, avec Evans, A., et al. , MNRAS, , L1. – 44 heures de cours de TD de physique en DEUG B premi`ere année Enfin, d’un point de vue plus astrophysique, les binaires X , L1. Yamauchi, S., Asaoka, I., Kawada, M., et al. , PASJ, 42, L Astronomy and Astrophysics – A&A, EDP Sciences, , cours. L1. 〈 //〉. 〈hal〉, Link. , Axel Nothnagel.

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Alves De Oliveira, N. SF2A,Paris, France. Floris Van Der Tak, L. Calibration meeting, Bordeaux, nov. To this end, our team is also hunting for the rare complex molecules towards Orion KL, one of the two reference targets for such studies SgrB2 being the second one.

Gaia Data Release 2: Dynamical interactions and planetary growth in a protoplanetary disk. Hot and cold running water: Evidence of filamentary growth?. IK Tauri and OH First Detection in chi Cyg.

Gas dynamics in tidal dwarf galaxies: Stellar evolution and magnetic asgrophysique At the other end of the stellar life cycle, complex mass-loss processes dominate the evolution of a star when its nuclear fusion reactions have stopped. Catarina, Alves de Oliveira, N.



Gas and Dust in M Physical and chemical structure of planet-forming disks probed by millimeter observations and modeling. Astronomical Society of the Pacific,p.

First unbiased spectral survey of a young and single massive protostar: Filaments in the Lupus molecular clouds. Dense gas in low-metallicity galaxies.

IPAG | Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble

Gaia Data Release 1. Konyves, Sylvain Bontemps, F. The distribution of warm gas in the G Van Der Tak, D. Agudo, Alain Baudry, D.

FS – Star Formation

Gaia Data Release 2: Ionization compression impact on dense gas distribution and star formation, Probability density functions around H ii regions as seen by Herschel. The cosmic-ray and gas content of the Cygnus region as measured in gamma rays by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. AMA09,Paris, France. The potential of discs from a “mean Green function”. Pseudo 2D chemical model of hot Jupiter atmospheres: Limited fragmentation at the early evolutionary stage of massive clumps.

Master : parcours Astrophysics – Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg – University of Strasbourg

Diversity and origin of star formation events in the local group Nearby galaxies in the Local Group offer a unique opportunity to probe a significant range of galactic environments and conditions to test the universality of the star formation process, including structuration and formation of molecular clouds.


Body Unit and Combined Ashrophysique Tests. The first mission of the parcours astrophysique is to train the next generation of astrophysicists.

View all seminars and meetings. Gray, Alain Baudry, L. Tracing the evolution of dust obscured star-formation and accretion back to the reionisation epoch with SPICA. Venot, Franck Selsis, F. Testing the universality of the star formation efficiency in dense molecular gas.

Low-velocity shocks traced by extended SiO emission along the W43 ridges: Hao, Chen, Yu, Gao, J. Emeline Bolmont, Sean N. Search for surface magnetic fields in Mira stars: Amils, Jose Cernicharo, H. Herschel Far-infrared imaging of the Aatrophysique OB2 environment.

Lu, Alain Baudry, J. A case study for B68 and LB. The dynamics of an extremely young cluster probed for the first time.

A choice of astrophysics lectures starting from the beginning of the first year of the Master.