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She had no right to even go to other country, pick better examples. When the Spaniards sailing north along Baja California tried to make maps, they thought it was a big island.

The Ulysses syndrome: an illness of immigrants

There is a lot of true to this story and a wonderful novel written about it by a countryman from Colombia named El Sindrome de Ulises or Ulysses Syndrome by Santiago Gamboa. Poverty is one of the most terrible things that has grown in strength in Argentina. I totally agree with you: Hi Jay and welcome to Migrant Tales. Tell me, Enrique, what is the real origin of this nasty habit of harassment by Latin males who are guests in USA?

No i dont feel pity. It was a well-known story and a common fantasy, akin to seeing mermaids at sea. How Islamophobic is Finland? Talk to you soon, E. A modern-day form of acceptable rape? Ah, criminal having somekind of mental illness. Finland locks ulosses children asylum seekers Source: If they were boys, they were killed.


Santiago Gamboa by andrea gonzalez charris on Prezi

It described the tales of himself and everyone he knew during a time of his life in Paris, France. The gamba is characterized by physical symptoms like headaches, and psychological symptoms like depression. Well, we do care, and we hate what has happened to California. I would never go out for a stroll.

As for the millions of people sneaking in here, read our crime statistics. How could it be only women? Poor woman — millions like her in that macho land — the Spanish conquistadores sanyiago invaded and raped the Indian women to create her ancestors are definitely to blame for her poverty!

Santiago Gamboa | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

We would be fascinated to hear more about your life in Argentina, the culture shock and how immigrants from neighboring countries like Bolivia are treated. The ethnic group may change but the same issue remains irrespective of the geography: Today they have to work to keep the family afloat financially.

Hispanics are some of the most disenfranchised people in the United States. The average European here is always thinking of where he could go, when things get really bad. The Ulysses Syndrome explains this phenomenon very well.

Even if one Ecuadorian thinks she is under the radar cleaning houses, people are aware of her, and are only by official sanction allowing her to live amongst them. This kind of item is in the news everyday here.


The two Mexican rapists who killed teenage gambooa in USA were finally found, outside a bar in Tijuana.

It comprises loneliness, as family and friends were left behind; a sense of personal failure, and a survival struggle that takes over all other priorities. Ever stopped to think why most of the major population centres in California have Spanish names? I shoved him off right at Union Square and told the driver to shut the door.

Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. Psychiatrist Joseba Achotegui of the Universitat de Barcelona describes the illness in the following manner, according to an article in the Naples Sun Times: You must be logged in to post a comment.

The Ulysses syndrome

Is there a good and solid explanation for their pathetic brainwashing? She may consider that she is doing herself and family good, and that no doubt, but it is selfish to the max, with no awareness of the others around her.

Finland, defend your girls and women!