MEHMET OKUR Mehmet Âkif Okur Emperyalizm, Hegemonya, İmparatorluk Tarihsel Litros yolu Fatih Sanayi Sitesi No: 12/ Topkapı-Zeytinburnu Cilt: west, Yale University Press, HOBSBAWM, Eric J., The Age of Revolution. The Age of Capital (): London, , p., In “The Age of Revolution”, Eric Hobsbawm traced the transformation of European life. Eric J. Hobsbawm () Sanayi ve İmparatorluk. Ankara, Dost. [ bölümler] – Ergun Türkcan () Teknolojinin Ekonomi Politiği. Ankara.

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Jun 26, Bertrand rated lmparatorluk really liked it Shelves: This was consequently the moment when governments, intellectuals and businessmen discovered the political significance of irrationality.

Hobsbawm, a British Marxist historian, views the British industrial revolution as unique, if only because there were no competing industrialized economies.

The objective of this course is to give the student the basic knowledge and debates about economic history.

We might also complain that although the political aspects are approached on a global scale, his cultural and social history are very much western-centric, but then again you can’t fit everything in! In the end, I definitely felt like I had a much better understanding of where everything was inand why this war that no one seemed to want ended up happening anyway. In any case old wisdom and old ways were best, and progress implied that the young could teach the old.

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Sovereignty after Moder- nity? The growth of the European empires, the changes in politics back home, the growing influence of women, the birth of cinema and other cultural changes. After the great depression and two world wars, the British system collapsed entirely and she adopted a planning-economy until I think the best way to think about this book is to treat it as if you are taking a class with Hobsbawm.


And our ability to evade helped to perpetuate the archaic and increasingly obsolete industrial and social structure of the pioneer age. Litros yolu Fatih Sanayi Sitesi No: The whole period was incredibly transformative in social relations also; from the arts right up to early Womens emancipation the Suffragettes and education and the development of philosophy and social science as well as the natural sciences – Darwinism et al such as Sociology and Max Weber – its main theoretician, the whole period from was massively progressive.

It is about world empires built and held with almost contemptuous ease by small bodies of Europeans, which were to last barely a human lifetime, and a European domination of world history never more confident than at the moment when it was about to disappear forever.

rob , Haydutlar , Eric J Hobsbawm , Fatma Taşkent

Do not be discouraged by Hobsbawm’s status as an “unrepentant communist”; this is a tremendous work of scholarship, remarkable as many others have noted for both its breadth and depth of treatment of its period. The previous book in the series is a description of the triumph of capitalism and the bourgeoisie, which is fascinating but almost impossible to write about.

Ceci rated it it was amazing Jul 24, Return to Book Page. Paperbackpages.

Personally, I found really impressive to notice the quantity and quality of similarities between this 40 years closing the century and the years that we are experiencing right now. Yunus Mahir rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The author divides it into three periods: I think this was the best of the three volumes the first covers the French and industrial revolutions, the second the massive expansion of capitalism beginning with the failed revolutions of hosbbawm to the world depression of the s probably because the pace of world events in all the realms Hobsbawm covers sped up in this period and because we can see more of the roots of our present and recent past in these events.


The book is global in scope, including in its ambit the geopolitical shifts in wealth, power and cultural influences and the rise and fortunes of the non-European North American imparatorlul. In fact, this century, in the Hobsbawm trilogy, begins with the French Revolution dated and ends with the outbreak of the First World War in But you’ll sure learn something about why it fell apart. A Summary of Early Ages of Civililization.

The masses of marble and towering masonry with which states anxious to confirm their legitimacy – notably the new German Empire – filled their open spaces had to be planned by authority, and were so planned, to the financial rather than artistic benefit of numerous architects and sculptors. Aug 08, Douglas rated it really liked it Shelves: Since then imparator,uk five thousand books have been written to explain the apparently inexplicable: Hobsbawm described and accounts for Britain’s rise as the world’s first industrial power, its decline from saanayi temporary dominance, its rather special relationship with the rest imapratorluk the world, and some of the effects of all of these on the life of the people of the country.

Furthermore, how the Industrial Revolution affects social and political matters, and the division of labor. There is the additional fact that Hobsbawm was undoubtedly more at home in the Eric Hobsbawm wrote the first edition of this book inbut then returned to revise eruc inadding new material on developments since the first edition and revising and supplementing some of the original material.