New York Times Bestseller From the author of Not My Daughter comes the story of Emily Aulenbach, an idealistic young lawyer who once dreamed of. In her luminous new novel, Barbara Delinsky explores every woman’s desire to abandon the endless obligations of work and marriage – and the idea that the. A corporate attorney leaves her Manhattan cubicle for a small New Hampshire town, where she faces an agonizing choice.

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There are no time constraints, no pressures, an easing of stress, responsibilities. Please provide an email address. Will definitely recommend if you like this type of book which I do. He, too, is immersed in that techno world and he is hurt by her actions.

At this realization Vicki suddenly has an overwhelming need to get away from it all. But Emily doesn’t want that extreme either. They are both high powered New York attorneys with a home in the right neighborhood, and the fast paced lifestyle of the city.

After a few days, she finds herself in Bell Valley, New Hampshire, a place where her life changed radically one summer, ten years ago, and a place where she hopes to, once again, find herself.

I enjoyed “Escape” from the beginning to the end. I am struggling a bit. The protagonist Emily, is a lawyer, escaping from her life in NY.

Once the story go I really like Ms. Every author writes a dud, and I guess this is Delinsky’s. I also found the coyote connection to be utterly ridiculous Escape Book Summary and Study Guide. Without telling anyone where she is going, she heads north to Bell Valley, New Hampshire, the small town where she spent a life-altering summer during her college years. I like books that make me think a bit, and I wasn’t expecting this one to do that, but it certainly delivered on the consider-your-outcome angle.

There were other inconsistencies that escapee things just not ring true. Barbara Barbzra does an excellent job of developing her characters in this book.


Escape by Barbara Delinsky | : Books

barbaara James may have been a great negotiator but I don’t believe he would’ve walked into such a dangerous situation, especially with a baby on the way – he was portrayed as way too responsible fo For the mostpart I enjoyed Escape.

She no longer connects with much in her life, period, with the exception of dellnsky things—her computer, her Sscape, and her watch. Her job is suffocating and these days she barely sees her husband James who is also a lawyer as he is so busy with work.

Like, that the town would not forgive her for leaving. Emily’s escape takes her to a place from her youth, and a more carefree time in her life. Instead, she now spends her days in a cubicle arguing victims of corporate greed out of their rightful claims. Jude, Vicki’s brother, is everything her husband is not I was given the very exciting opportunity to review ‘Escape’.

While Emily wanted to represent the disenfranchised when she entered law school. It almost felt like one story was being told in the beginning Sep 04, Gina rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, the themes feel barbaar, but with the twist of texting instead of talking and computers instead of face time, we get to watch this couple as they weed through the extraneous layers of their lives to find out what they want.

Download our Spring Barbaea Sampler Now. Will the two of them reconnect? An improbable subplot involving Red Fox employee Barbata, defrauded of her inheritance, is intended to inject thrills but falls far short of replacing the more essential conflicts Delinsky simply ducks.

This book, like Jude, delinzky so promising, but turned out to be a major disappointment. I went to summer camp through my fifteenth year in Maine, which explains the setting of so many of my storiesthen spent my sixteenth summer learning to type and to drive two sk I was born and raised in suburban Boston.


On the surface, Emily had a good life, married to a man she loves, nice home, nice car, decent salaries. Overall, a good summer read with a bit of drama and romance. I wanted to love this book — I really did. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

She also knows that the life she is leading is not the life she signed up for. I was initially delisky to this book by the title and the cover. Her husband is also a lawyer, they own a house, a nice escapd, are both young and beautiful and struggling to conceive a child. Her job was making her ill mentally; would soon become physically. Be the first to discover new talent! The last half of the book picked up again. She still gives Emily a big hug and then let’s her have it verbally.


For a while I imagined just driving and driving, stopping in new or even revisiting old places, getting a room, checking in relaxing, walking, exploring, visiting. Readers identify with my characters.

There are coyotes and animals in need of love and rescuing, but the characters need rescuing as well. One of my latest, Sweet Salt Air, came out in However, that does not mean I won’t read anymore Delinsky books.

As for the ending, it was what I predicted half-way thru. I just think being from the older generation, this book will probably be enjoyed much more by the younger generation. Throw in a former lover, his unrelenting mother, a former best friend who needs winning over once more, and a husband and workplace hot on her trail, and this might not turn out to be quite the relaxing break she had planned.

What happens For decades I have loved the works of B.