Eumeswil – Kindle edition by Ernst Jünger, Russell A. Berman, Joachim Neugroschel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Originally published in Germany in , when Junger was eighty-two years old, Eumeswil is the great novel of Junger’s creative maturity, a masterpiece by a. Telos Press Publishing is pleased to announce that Ernst Jünger’s Eumeswil is now available for pre-order. The book will be released on.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Originally published in Germany inwhen Junger was eighty-two years old, Eumeswil is the great novel of Junger’s creative maturity, a masterpiece by a central figure in modern German literature.

Eumeswil is a utopian state ruled by the Condor, a general who has installed himself as a dictator and who dominates the capital from a guarded citadel atop a hill – the Casb Originally published in Germany inwhen Junger was eighty-two years old, Eumeswil is the great novel of Junger’s creative maturity, a masterpiece by a central figure in modern German literature.

Eumeswil is a utopian state ruled by the Condor, a general who has installed himself as a dictator and who dominates the capital from a guarded citadel atop a hill – the Casbah. A refined manipulator of power, the Condor despises the democrats who conspire against him. Venator, the narrator of the novel, is a historian whose discreet and efficient services as the Condor’s night steward earn him full access to the forbidden zone, at the very heart of power.

Every evening, while attending to the Condor and his guests at the Casbah’s night bar, Venator keeps a secret journal in which he records the conversations he overhears, delineating the diverse personalities in the Condor’s entourage while sketching out an analysis of the different aspects of the psychology of power. Venator’s days are spent building a hidden refuge in the mountains, a hermetic retreat where he hopes one day to realize his dreams of utter self-sufficiency.

In the meantime, however, he continues to pursue his career as a historian, using the magnificent tool that has been placed at his disposal – the “luminar”, a holographic instrument that can summon up any figure or event in human history. Venator, in a word, embodies Junger’s ideal of the “anarch” – a heroic figure whose radical skepticism and individualism are not to be confused with mere anarchism. Around the opposite figures of the dictator and the anarch, Junger weaves a hallucinatory and poetic rumination on the nature of history and on the mainsprings of political power.

Eumeswil – Wikipedia

At once tale, essay and philosophical poem, Eumeswil offers a desolate and lucid assessment of totalitarianism by an author who witnessed its horrors firsthand. Hardcoverpages.

Published May 1st by Marsilio Publishers first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Eumeswilplease sign junter. Lists with This Book. Aug 29, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing. I remained normal, however deeply they probed. And also straight as an eumezwil. To be sure, normality seldom coincides with straightness.

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Normalcy is the human constitution; straightness is logical reasoning. With its eumeawil, I could answer satisfactorily. In contrast, the human element is at once so general and so intricately encoded that they fail to perceive it, like the air that they breathe. Thus they were unable to penetrate my fundamental structure, which is anarchic. Although Eumeswil is a novel, the fiction in it is bordering on a meticulous and profound essay on the nature of power, state and history.

This also corresponds to a rhythm in politics. Monarchies, oligarchies, dictatorships, tyranny as opposed to democracies, republics, the okhlos, anarchy. The captain as opposed to the crew; the great eumeeswil as opposed to the collective. Eumewwil insiders, needless to say, these antitheses are necessary yet also illusory; they are motives serving to wind up the dock of history. Only seldom does a Great Noon shine, making the antitheses dissolve in happiness.

I admit that the surfeit of a juner era is involved here. The catalogue of possibilities seems exhausted. In this regard, I behave no differently than anyone else in Eumeswil.

People no longer demonstrate publicly for ideas; bread or wine would have to cost a lot more, or there would have to be a rumpus with the racers. Apr 16, Bbrown added it.

The action of Eumeswil, what little there is, is subservient to ideas: Likely even more so than discussing fictional aspects of Eumeswil, Venator expounds upon real-world figures and philosophers, from Brutus to Stirner. Much of it is quite out there, but there are lines in the book that struck me as insightful, and that I would have no trouble ascribing to Junger himself.

Like many philosophical works, Eumeswil is denser than a work of fiction, I believe I started this work in January, and must have read ten other books while I slowly chipped away at this one.

Finding Freedom in a Totalitarian Age

In both On The Marble Cliffs and The Glass Bees Junger gives his strange and interesting take on a genre, completely different than anything I had read before, so I went into Eumeswil expecting strangeness. Every page in that book is incomprehensible gobbledygook.

How does one tell counterfeit deranged babble from genuine deranged babble? No idea, but you definitely can, and Negarestani was writing weird for the sake of weird with nothing of substance behind it. As one matures, one gets more from this dense compendium of philosophical, historical, mythical, mystical, even spiritual insights.

I have been reading it for 15 years now and there is much for me left to learn in it. In particular, it is essential for understanding the figure of the Anarch. If everyone is moving, and in the same direction at that–whether right or left, whether up or down–the stationary person is in the way.

He is taken as a reproach, and since people collide with him, they brand him as the offender. The dream, even in an erotic encounter, comes true. But casually, even here; every goal is a transition for him.

The bow should snap rather than aiming the arrow at a finite target. The warrior is anarchic, the soldier is not. Manslaughter is anarchic, murder is not. eumsswil

Christ is anarchic, Saint Paul is not. Since, of course, the anarchic is normal, it is also present in Saint Paul, and sometimes it erupts mightily from him. Those are not antitheses but degrees. The history of the world is moved by anarchy. It is probably meant to indicate the level of technology that has been attained there and to inspire if not fear then respect. And is technology the right word?

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Metatechnology would, no doubt, be more fitting. It applies not to the perfecting of means, but to their sudden transformation into a different quality. When a runner reaches his top speed, running turns into flying. A sample was supplied by that sparkling script; verbal communication no longer sufficed.

Thus, in the course of history, the desire for largeness alternates with the desire for smallness. Boutefeu already knew–and we, too, have learned–that the world-state both culminates and disintegrates overnight. The leviathan’s limits are not so much spatial as temporal.

If a man succeeds in playing life as a game, he will find honey in nettles and hemlock; he will even enjoy adversity and peril. What causes the feeling of constantly being on vacation?

Eumeswil by Ernst Jünger

Probably the fact that the mental person liberates the physical one euumeswil observes his game. Far from any hierarchy, he enjoys the harmony of rest and motion, of invulnerability and extreme sensitivity–at times even authorship.

He writes his text on a blank page and vanquishes destiny; the jungrr changes through writing. This is the marriage of dance and melody. The warp is supplied by the centuries, the woof by the day. This creates a distance for nearby things; junber and facts gain a background. They become more bearable. After all, these things belong, as Aquinas would have it, among the “accidents.

If one manages to separate essence from flesh, if one manages, that is, eumeswio gain distance from oneself, then junver climbs the first step toward spiritual power. Many exercises are geared to this–from the soldier’s drill to the hermit’s meditation. However, once the self has been successfully distanced, the essential can be brought back to the accidental. This process, resembling a vaccination with one’s own blood, is initially manifested as a reanimation of the body.

The physiognomy takes on the kind of features seen in paintings by old masters. They added something of their own. They blended it into the pigments. This also applies to objects; they were meaningful, now they gain a sense. A new light shines on things, they glow. Anyone can manage this; I heard the following from a disciple of Bruno’s: First we must forget what we have learned. Its ideal is the switch to conformity.

The German word for vulture is Geierwhich is related to Gier”greed, avidity” in its earlier form, gihr ; the adjective gierig”greedy, avid,” refers to someone who will not give up his prey.

Carrion goes back to Latin caroflesh; the Eumexwil equivalent, Aasused to mean simply “food” and is cognate with the English eat ; it meant the eumeeswil employed by the hunter.

The Roman vultur hints at a swift turn, volta. Volturnus was a raging river in Campania, the Volturno.