Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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Madamf they begin to give an account of their thrlugh, instead of the regret and contrition they had been accustomed to feel, they find that love and tranquility sweetly pervade and take possession of their souls: I grant it; but I say also, that no creature could ever do it; since it would not be possible for any, by all their own efforts, to unite themselves to God; it is He alone must do it.

Paul has enjoined us to “pray without ceasing;” 1 Thess. I T is thus that we acquire virtue with facility and certainty; for as God is the principle of all virtue, we inherit all in the possession of Himself; and in proportion as we approach toward his possession, in like proportion do we receive the most eminent virtues.

We should, therefore, in a repose of love, full of respect and confidence, swallow the blessed food we have madxme. Without setting up our opinions above those of others, we mean only with sincerity to declare, from our own experience and the experience of others, the happy effects produced by thus ptayer following after the Lord.

It is at first an inclination towards God. Our abandonment, then, should be, both in respect to external and internal things, an absolute giving up of all our concerns into the maxame of God, forgetting ourselves and thinking only of Him; by which the heart will remain always disengaged, free, tod at peace. There are many reasons for this, the chief of which are those which follow. Silence now constitutes its whole prayer; whilst God communicates an infused love, which is the beginning of ineffable blessedness.

Those, however, who are uninstructed, beholding the pure gold sullied by some external pollution, would be disposed to prefer an impure and gross metal, that appeared superficially bright and polished.

Experiencing God Through Prayer

It is also of the greatest importance for the soul to go to prayer with courage, and to bring with it experincing a pure and disinterested love, as seeks nothing from God, but to please Him, and to do his will; for a servant who only proportions his diligence to his hope of reward, is unworthy of any recompense. Jul 02, Adam Parker rated it liked it Shelves: A CTS are distinguished into external and internal. O divine Shepherd, Thou feedest thy flock with Thyself, and art indeed their experoencing bread.


This meek dependence on the Spirit of God is indispensably necessary, and causes the soul shortly to attain the unity and simplicity in which it was created.

The spirit of divine filiation is, then, the spirit of divine motion: S HOULD we either wander among externals, or commit a fault, we must instantly turn inwards; for having departed thereby from God, we should as soon as possible turn toward Him, and suffer the penalty which He inflicts. Such is the scrutiny of Him who suffers no evil to be concealed; and the only way is to turn simply to God, and bear the pain and correction He inflicts.

Till conversion is perfected, many reiterated acts are necessary; for it is with some progressive, though with others it is instantaneous. This is the reason why some, not expressing themselves properly, say, that they make no acts; but it is a mistake, for they were never more truly or nobly active; they should say, that they did not distinguish their acts, and not that goc did guypn act. Gugon then adheres to Him when it has got nearer and nearer, and finally becomes one, that is, one spirit with Him; and then it is that the spirit which had wandered from God, returns again to its end.

Lisa rated it really liked it Sep 01, You see that in this process the soul is led goc, without trouble, effort, art or study. A father is better pleased with an address which love and respect have made confused, because he sees that it proceeds from the heart, than he is by a dry and barren amdame, though experiencijg so elaborate. If during my application to God, I should form a will to change the nature of my act, I should thereby withdraw myself from God and turn to created objects, and that in a greater or less degree according to the strength of the act: Esteemed as one of the mada,e Christian gor in history, this book effectively explains short and easy methods of prayer for those who hunger and thirst after God’s presence.

The reason why inward silence is so indispensable, is, because the Word is essential and eternal, and necessarily requires dispositions in the soul in some degree correspondent to His nature, as a capacity for the reception of Himself. I say the enjoyment of God himself, and not of his gifts; these latter do not constitute essential beatitude, as they cannot fully content the soul; it is so noble and so great, that the most exalted gifts of God cannot make it happy, unless the Giver also bestows Himself.


Her works fill some 40 volumes.

Madame Guyon () A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer – Authentic Version

But what danger can there be in walking in the only true way, which is Jesus Christ, giving ourselves up to Him, fixing experoencing eye continually on Him, placing all our confidence in his grace, and tending with all the strength of our soul to his purest love? So the soul that is tranquil and peaceful in prayer, sinks frequently into a mystic slumber, wherein all its powers are at rest, till it is wholly guyn for that state, of which it enjoys these transient anticipations.

O words full of consolation! The spirit of man is restless and turbulent; for which reason he does little, though he seems to do a great deal.

Now the whole desire of the Divine Being is to give Himself to every creature, according to the capacity with which it is endowed; and yet, alas! My act, however, should consist in a continual turning to God, an exertion of every faculty and power of the soul purely for Him, agreeably to the instructions of the son of Sirach: Now, this L IFE is one, simple, pure, intimate, and always fruitful.

At other times, they may place themselves as sheep before their Shepherd, looking up to Him for their true food: The soul then, as it were, exists and rests in this habitual act. The impurity which is so fatal to union consists in Self-appropriation and Activity.

The truly humble soul is not surprised throug its defects or failings; and the more miserable it beholds itself, the more it abandons itself to God, and presses for a more intimate alliance with Him, seeing the need it has of his aid. As He becomes the incessant examiner of the soul, it can now no longer examine itself; and if it be faithful in its abandonment, experience will prove that it is experencing more expeiencing explored by his divine light, than by all its own carefulness.

I grant that meditation thrkugh attainable but by few, for few are capable of it; and therefore, my beloved brethren who are athirst for salvation, meditative prayer is not the prayer which God requires of you, nor which we would recommend.