View and Download Fiio X3 user manual online. Fiio X3 K/24B portable lossless player User Guide. X3 MP3 Player pdf manual download. View and Download Fiio X3 complete user’s manual online. kHz/32 bit high resolution lossless. X3 MP3 Player pdf manual download. Also for: X1. As the title suggests I am looking for a manual, probably a adobe download, that will walk me through every thing that I need to know about.

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Running the firmware upgrade: When the X3 is powered on, press and hold the power button to turn it off.


Why own a single-purpose device when you already own an expensive phone that does everything? Can the X3 play songs while charging? I know that I had one before, although it was rather incomplete and not too clear, I was wondering if there was one available still, or as a last option if I could once again access that original adobe document for the x3.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. The X3-III display is small and relatively low-resolution; text is very legible, but cover art is shown as a downsized, somewhat pixelated version of the original image.

Would these tracks sound noticeably better on this Fiio player? In addition to dedicated track and volume buttons, it offers a amnual button that can be configured to control playback, interface themes, playlists, or equalizer settings.


Page 22 SD cards of Class 6 or above. Got it, continue to manua. We think most users will find themselves browsing through the folders manually, which works well for organizing music manually in the old-school folder structure Artist, Album, Trackbut can become tedious with a large library as there is no search function.

Also See for X3 Complete user’s manual – 25 pages User manual – 21 pages Complete user’s manual – 19 pages. Peachtree Nova Hi-Fi Amplifier. Tips On Usage A: This can achieve the best charging effect. Ok, I found it, sorry about that, I just couldn’t navigate very easily when everything is in a language that I do not know, by guessing enough times I was eventually able to download the.

What to do if my X3 is bricked? Then turn off the X3 and then enter firmware update mode by holding the Menu button upper lef t key while pressing the Power button until the firmware upgrade screen shows. Twelve South Journal CaddySack.


Screen Timeout The X3’s screen will be turned off and its buttons disabled according to the key lock option if the buttons have not been touched after the period of time specified here. Connection With Other Audio Devices At this time, the headphone is disconnected to the inside of X3 so as to avoid any sonic boom or abnormal sound.


In order to help you take better advantage of our X3 in enjoying music, we specially collect some frequently asked questions from end-users. Bluetooth devices will appear. Post time Coaxial output has the highest output priority which would close other phone out or line out when coaxial cable plug in.

This iLounge article provides more information on this practice, known as revving. Don’t show me this message again. Reply post To last page. Naztech Xtra Drive Mini. At this time, the headphone is disconnected to the inside of X3 so as to avoid any sonic boom or abnormal sound. When X3 gets fully charged, the status indicator LED on the power button lights up green and the onscreen battery gauge on the upper right corner while the player is on, or taking up the whole screen if the player is off stops moving and holds steady at full.

I run a simple Sykik 2. Yevo Air True Wireless Headphones.

Fiio X3 User Manual

Oh, sorry for this inconvenience! SD cards of Class 6 or above. Firmware Update in this user manual.