A small class to retrieve the MIME Type of any file and/or extension in C# using Windows Registry or a static MIME Type Map for I have even tried FilePathResult and FileStreamResult nothing works public FileResult “must-revalidate”); return File(path, contentType); }. Я заменил столбец FileExtension в моей таблице базы данных столбцом ContentType. Я заполняю его, когда я загружаю файл. Private Sub.

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Brilliant, much better than me pulling information down and creating a MimeMapping table myself.

FileStreamResult , FilePathResult File for action MVC not working for image | The Forums

Item FileExtension2 Filestreaamresult Debug. You might, of course, want to keep the mimeTypes alive for future queries. But it won’t be faster. November 5, November 5, We discussed about the different types of file action results that helps to return files from the server and even we created a custom file action result that returns a file from string. Well, in this article I gathered the important concepts that are scattered in different posts, threads in a single place.

Как определить тип содержимого файла в .NET?

TryGetValue extension, out mime? We don’t need to worry about adding contetntype headers in the response the action results will take care. Item FileExtension1 Else Debug.


We can use our FileStringResult as shown in the below action. Show “Cannot read file from disk.

Get a File Content-Type / MIME-type from file extension in ASP.NET C#

If it fails then generate the header value based on RFC from its own methods. A dictionary may be a good idea, especially if you want the list of supported extensions to be dynamic, or have it loaded in from a config file or something. Example, when you return a pdf file, some browsers knows how to display the pdf files inside it, same for images.

The important thing to note down is the file parameter name should be same as the name of the file input control in the above case it is photo. So why another article? This is an abstract class derived from ActionResult that delegates writing the file in the response to the subclasses. Like any other input data the POSTed files to the server also needs validation. Behind the scenes 3. Add a string resource to you project that contains the list.

ContainsKey Temp 0 Then data. The binders are the components that really fills the properties of a model or the parameters in the action with those values. Split ” ” If Not data.


content-type – Как определить тип содержимого файла в .NET? – Qaru

Returning files through action results 7. Green Fire 3 OpenSubKey ext ; if regKey!

TryGetValue mimeTypeout extension. StriplingWarrior, yep, you’ve got a point on this, the compiler is able to do some white magic with the final code.

I populate it when I upload a file. To understand how it generates the header see the source code.

But what we are interested here is to know the supporting classes. If you forget setting the proper encoding type then only the filename is submitted not the file. In the above action we have done couple of validations against the uploaded file. Instead of doing it manually it would be great if you could do that using data annotation attributes and for that we have to use view models.

This class mainly does the job of adding Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers into the response.