Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson quickly became a best selling underground. Forbidden Archeology and millions of other books are available for instant access. .. Michael A Cremo is a research associate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Forbidden Archeology has ratings and 48 reviews. James said: Well, I guess controversy sells. This is a horrible book. Michael Cremo has set archaeol.

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Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

It is ever thus and a downside of peer reviews. This page was last edited on 18 Mayat They spent several summers traveling throughout Europe. Retrieved from ” https: Text of creationist bills: Cremo actually uses the Weekly World News as a source in the book.

Una bella sequenza di balle raccontate pure male, con scarsa coerenza interna e pure senza scorrevolezza. It may be This is not an easy book to read. One of the core notions in Cremo’s Forbidden Archaeology is the assertion that a system of knowledge filtration exists within archaeology and by inference, the greater scientific community. I have always been skeptical of some of the links in the evolutionary chain, and it has always been a nagging fascination of mine to find out more.

And he brings forward various objections to their analysis of eolithsstone artifacts sometimes regarded as tools.

Part of a series on. His book Human Devolutionlike Forbidden Archeologyclaims that man has existed for millions of years, attempts to prove this by citing, as Meera Nanda puts it, “every possible research into the paranormal ever conducted anywhere to ‘prove’ the truth of holist Vedic cosmology which proposes the presence of a spiritual element in all matter which takes different forms, thereby explaining the theory of ‘devolution’. Nov 04, The Incredible Hogg rated it liked it.


Java Man, for instance, seems to rest on very shaky evidence. Anybody in the field of anthropology and or has a curious mind concerning the origins of humanity and archeology should it.

Many original reports are painstakingly quoted and reproduced in some length, translated from other languages. He sometimes writes books on Hindu spirituality under the pseudonym of Drutakarma Dasa. Anthropologist Colin Groves states that 19th-century michaell were generally “found archeollgy accident and by amateurs”, and were thus generally lacking proper documentation of crucial contextual information, and that the dates assigned were therefore suspect. The authors created a breathtakingly researched work that micbael but won’t be in ever public school library, so that students can research independently, and draw their own conclusions to, what they are taught as fact in science class from K through 12 and, indeed, in college and universities everywhere.

So overwhelming is the evidence that the authors present against the dominant hegemony of archeological thought, that this book reads like a relentless inventory of archeological ‘finds’ which suggests a chronology other than that which michaael commonly accepted and propounded, ‘finds’ which the establishment overlook, or outright deny. No stars because I didn’t finish forbiidden. It’s a serious call for scientists to revisit this holly and sacred theory submitted in an era where knowledge of biology and biological processes was extremely limited.

Michael Cremo – RationalWiki

Sep 07, Rich Hoffman rated it it was amazing. I was offended to say the least. This book made me want to major in archaeology – unfortunately, many of the college professors out there are adament against anything outside of the timeline that they believe is set in stone, even now, almost a dozen years after this book was first published.

The scientific society has not been always honest with the public about the remains of our ancestors. The human footprint next to that of a dinosaur’s. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: From Archaeology to Archaeologies: View all 12 comments.


The three stars I gave it were generous However, their reading of the data is interesting and valid to a point Groves also states that their discussion of radiometric dating fails to take account of the ongoing refinement of these methods, and the resulting fact that later results are more reliable than earlier ones.

Looking into the admission criteria of these organizations, it is clear that membership is not tied to expertise:. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

This book discusses not only the most famous finds, but also objectively discusses well documented discoveries that were dismissed because they did not fit into the current pet theories of human evolution.

He clearly has a religious motivation, which he acknowledges He favors a Vedic history but he keeps his religious biases out of the overt discussion in this book, unlike the works of say, creationists. The gold necklace in ancient coal. There exists in the scientific community a knowledge filter that screens out unwelcome evidence.

Michael Cremo

Retrieved from ” https: Modern Gaudiya Vaishnavas to date. This book gives new insight into the way our scientific process works and has worked. The Hidden History of the Human Race”.

Cremo’s central claim in Forbidden Archeology is that humans have lived on Earth for tens to hundreds of millions of years, and that the scientific establishment has suppressed the fossil evidence of extreme human antiquity.

Apr 27, Linda rated it it was amazing. On a personal note, I took an anthropology class years ago, in