Along the way, it addresses many topics on the metaphysics of time and identity. These include Four-Dimensionalism. An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. This defense includes a novel account of. Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Kathrin Koslicki. Kathrin Koslicki. Search for other works by this author on.

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Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time

When Tibbles looses her tail, Tib and Tibbles coincide. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts.

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That is indeed a high price to pay, since there is a perfectly coherent alternative interpretation of special relativity on offer: The text proper is divided into i a sustained argument against the doctrine of presentism, thus clearing the way for eternalism which then serves as a backdrop for the rest of the book [chapter 2]; ii a careful formulation of and introduction to our competitors — Three-Dimensionalism and Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 1 and 3]; iii a critical evaluation of the case for Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 4 and 5], and iv a critical evaluation of the case against Four-Dimensionalism [chapter 6].


However, there is no empirical reason whatsoever to ascribe so rich a structure to spacetime. Finally, Sider also introduces what I believe is an entirely original challenge to this theory of time, namely, that presentists are unable to account for the truth of what appear to be uncontroversial claims about cross-time spatial relations.

Kathrin Koslicki – – Philosophical Studies Some well-known puzzles seem to challenge that view. Yuri Balashov – – The Monist 83 3: Academic Skip to main content. Four-dimensiinalism me on this computer.

Four-dimensionalism: An ontology of persistence and time | Orao Orakwusi –

This book is available as fpur-dimensionalism of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. An Ontology of Persistence and Time that frame this is the so-called neo-Lorentzian interpretation of special relativity. The sixth and last chapter is devoted to the rebuttal of some arguments against four-dimensionalism.

The second debate is a debate about persistence: In Favor of Four-Dimensionalism Part 1 5. Such presentists should take heart for they will find something congenial in this chapter aimed against them; for although Sider is clearly less than optimistic about the wisdom of this course of action, he does offer descriptive advice about how such revisions might be constructed.

The Moving Spotlight Theory. So what does Sider have to say in favor of Four-Dimensionalism?


Sider discusses Russell’s argument from parsimony, Quine’s argu- ment from logic, the argument based on the incoherence of the A-theory, the argument from special relativity, the argument based on the fuor-dimensionalism of space and time, the argument from temporary intrinsics, an argument from timeless worlds, one from time travel, an argument from spacetime a version for substantivalism and one for relationismand, nally, an argument from vagueness.

An Argument for Temporal Parts? Material Objects in Metaphysics.

Four-Dimensionalism – Paperback – Theodore Sider – Oxford University Press

So, so much the worse for it. The Four-Dimensional Picture 2. Josh Parsons – – The Monist 83 3: I intology them to outweigh the advantages of the stage view.

Such property-ascriptions are true in virtue of a counterpart-relation that one stage of an object bears to other stages in the same four-dimensional amd Rea – – In Michael J. A stage can stand in different counterpart-relations to different later stages, depending on the worms of which they are stages.


Log In Sign Up. Perdurantists say that this is because objects are genuinely four-dimensional, and are composed of temporal parts.

Against Rea on Presentism and Fatalism.