Grayloc products with clamp connectors (clamps, seal ring, hubs, bolting), compact flanges, thermowells. Grayloc. ®. Products – An Oceaneering International. Company. Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the. Grayloc Products is pleased to offer its products with the products/ services guarantee as set forth in the terms and conditions printed on page 31 of this catalog.

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Technical solutions and engineering are in accordance More information. Eliminates the problem of drilling and tapping after the system is assembled Can be threaded to customer specification, e.

Providing engineered solutions, expertise, and manufacturing services to enable safe and effective work in grzyloc environments. They have all the design features of the basic Grayloc connector plus the advantage of fixed mounting onto the vessel.

Grayloc Technology | Oceaneering

The rib bearing area is ample to carry the most severe loading that a piping system can withstand. Restriction Seal Rings Are used in restriction service to reduce flow Excellent and quick means of installing restriction plates into lines with Grayloc connectors Provides pressure drop or regulates flow where precise metering is not required Transition Seal Ring Restriction Seal Ring Blind Seal Rings Are used for isolating sections of pipe and in-line blind service Pressure ratings available upon request Suitable for many normal operating cqtalogue High pressure applications should be evaluated by Grayloc Products Orifice Seal Rings Meets the requirements of American Gas Association A.

Since the beginning, the company has transformed from a small regional diving company into a global provider of engineered products and services. A full suite of piping components that complement these technologies is available, ranging from threaded fittings, crossover components, and integrated pipe fittings, to metering solutions, ball joints, and check valves. All materials More information. Since our foundation inPCE has grown to become an international.


Edmonton Exchanger has over 30 years of on-site maintenance and construction experience in the petrochemical. Both clamps and bolting can be graylic purchased if required. Stockists of valves, actuators, tubes and fittings for instrument and mechanical applications. From the machinist with over 20 years experience More information. Full vacuum to 60, psi.

Machine needle shut-off nozzle type-a Machine needle shut-off nozzle type-a spring operated Applications: A streamline bore is also a standard for these connectors. Valves and fittings for gas 7. Solving specific technical and operational challenges through collaboration and the application of world-class technologies and experience. IS Part 1: Ccatalogue Properties of Valu Guide Rail. Seal Ring Spherical Face Nut 9.

Ensuring reliable well access through unmatched industry expertise and an innovative technology portfolio. August 12, 6. Additionally, we are a leader in offshore oilfield maintenance services, umbilicals, subsea hardware, and tooling. Delta Seal Gasket Approx lbs. Multipurpose Ball Valves www. If we are working, then our responsibility is to be working safely.

Ratings are based on carbon steel clamps. Graylof deliver industry-leading solutions for connecting critical service piping and vessel systems.

General company and product information 2. This deflection elastically loads the lips of the seal ring against the inner sealing surface of the hub, forming a self-energized seal. Piping, tubing and fittings. Create and Drawing Uniformity Create, explain, and establish a standard bill of materials to be placed on every drawing except the overall tank elevation and. Fire Hydrant Troubleshooting Fire Hydrant Troubleshooting Pulsation or chatter during opening and flow of water from hydrant.


The ring, however, can vary with the schedule of pipe. Based on superb and fair business relationships to long-standing More information. The requirements for pipe material and installation in sewer and drainage collection systems.

Our manufacturing facility enables us to quickly adapt standard instruments to. Contact the nearest Grayloc Products representative for special product assistance. Some applications are suggested in the following examples.

Linear modules Lifting units Rotary modules Grip modules Inductive proximity switches Plug connectors Linear modules Lifting units Rotary modules Grip modules Inductive proximity switches Plug connectors Notes Technical More information.

Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division-1 Specification sections, apply to work.

Like the standard Grayloc connector, the remotely operated connector has metalto-metal seal integrity. The shroud consists of two insertable cqtalogue usually made from similar material as the hub.

Grayloc Product Catalog

Solving decommissioning challenges safely and cost effectively, from end-to-end solutions to discrete tool hires. Transition hubs reducing and enlarging are recommended when designing transition piping. Other equipment manufacturers valves, pumps, compressors, vessel, etc. Synthetic Fuels, Coal Gasification, and Coal Liquefaction General piping, vessel closures, reactor vessels, and valve ends.

Clamp A1S Studs Wt.

Clamp connectors – Tekflow

The design of the valve. Do not use for construction. Stop by a recruiting event near you to speak with current Oceaneers, present your cxtalogue, and learn about potential career options with the company. The double-seated design provides bi-directional shut off.

For applications greater than F.