Gregson & Buck | Custom Mens Jewelry

24 juin 2018 - Bijoux & Montres
Gregson & Buck | Custom Mens Jewelry

Gregson & Buck

Hi people,

We are Gregson & Buck, a custom jewelry brand based in Brussels, Belgium. Born and raised in the heart of Europe, diverse influences shaped our personality and our style: “l’élégance à la française”, the British classicism, the German quality and a Belgian sense of caring. We like to insert them in our products.

French is our mother tongue by the way, so please “excusez-nous” for any English language approximation!

Our products are designed by men for men. We believe every man likes to cherish himself with distinguished, elegant and tailored accessories… So be it! Come and get yourself (or a beloved one) a pair of custom cufflinks!


Grégoire de Bellefroid & Gaétan Bücken,
also known as Gregson & Buck

Refined & Unique Men’s Jewelry

How we started
We first started selling our products on Etsy. That was an important step for us to meet our first customers and gather invaluable feedback. Very soon we wanted to have our own personal space to offer our products. Today, we proudly present our website. We hope you like it and we wish you a pleasant journey at Gregson & Buck.

Our mission
At Gregson & Buck, we believe every single individual has a unique personality and deserves to express it through exclusive fashion accessories – our goal is to build fine cufflinks that find their roots in your personality.

Our commitment
Our products are designed and crafted specially for you. We take pride in collaborating with you throughout the entire creation process to make you end up with the perfect product. We will consistently make everything we can to make your experience at Gregson & Buck unique. This is the reason why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

What we value
We like to see our products as an extension of one’s personnality
Want a specific design ? Just ask us.

We want to do the right thing for our customers and we know the best way to do it. Empower people around us in a healthy and pleasing environment and they will take good care of you.

Our products are designed to reveal a certain form of elegance and a sense of playful energy. Read More…

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