How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are. The same year Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique rocked American households by defining the dissatisfactions of housewives, Helen Andelin. These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages.

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This book is the marriage bible for ‘alt-right’ women, and it was written in 1963

You have to go the second mile to enjoy anything. She encourages women to hide their opinions, hide their true emotions and hide any skill that could threaten the supremacy of their husband. In fact these quotes made me so angry that I highlighted anndelin in my book. This book teaches women how to be submissive and weak, because that’s the way a “true woman” is, as well as to be half-retarded, in order to treat a man right.

In addition, she has updated her mother’s original books, as per her request before her death, with Vintage editions of each. It was when the author got into her practical application of these principles, that I began getting angry. I think it has made me a better person, hslen, and wife. Preview — Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. In the first few weeks of being married, my partner did something that infuriated me. I have a hard time imagining someone who is less aggressive than what she just described.


How many women keep searching the book for the answer, believing for years that they are the ones at fault. I can more or less buy that, and through the book she explains how to gain these qualities.

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Andelin

Thank goodness I was raised by parents that didn’t teach me that a Woman is sub-subservient to her husband. She has a spirit of sweet submission and a dependency upon men for their care and protection. If you have seen The Fireproof movie- this book is like that. People are attempting to correct for some of the messages my generation has grown up receiving. If you try to change him, he will only get defensive. Heelen the summer I had a few cavities filled— one of which was in between my front teeth.

It is a proactive book and is not about changing anyone, but yourself to make your life more harmonious. Excuse me while I, once again, go beat my head into a wall.

Handsome would not meltI guarantee you. Comparing yourself to other people will only make you unhappy. View all 9 anddlin. Forget about women who have naturally husky, low, raspy, or masculine-sounding voices.

Helen Andelin – Samantha Field

To be anything but a stupid helpless child is to discard your feminine qualities for masculine ones. Partly because some of the ideas are a little on the ridiculous side like taking cues from how small children behave as a way to act angry or get what you wantand partly to demonstrate why we and I say this in a general all human sense need feminism.

The first time I read the book, I wanted to poke my eyeballs out and puke all over it. And for the first 65 pages, I was actually okay with it.


Helen Andelin

It emphasizes traditional femininity and a wife’s conditional obedience to her husband. A scene such as this invariably makes us qndelin with amusement. Gelen you have a chunky figure you cannot appear dainty, feminine, or girlish, even with the help of soft, flowing, feminine clothes. This is a very important, and very helpfull book about discovering who you are as a woman, and how to deal with men.

Also, all those fabrics? Mostly the book makes me sad. Get updates Anndelin updates. I’m sorry, but the people who support this sort of nonsense do more damage to the family unit than a parade of half nekkid bra burning amazons and gay dudes in chaps making out publicly ever could. This next one just infuriated me: Women have a unique and specific responsibility for the home in a way that men do hwlen have.

However, these things do aid to make a woman fascinating to a man. But she never does. He is so weak, and his self confidence so fragile, that he will crumble unless he is kept in a world of delusion.

What is happiness in marriage for a woman? Again, I encourage everyone read it at some point.

So I did a little research. No man appreciates sex which can be had readily.