SR61 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: SR60 Scanner Programmer’s Reference Manual. Intermec Technologies Corporation. Worldwide Headquarters. 36th Ave.W. Everett, WA U.S.A. CK3c Mobile Computer User’s Manual. Intermec operate and service Intermec- manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or cordless scanners, such as the SF51 and SR61 through Bluetooth.

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The code is continuous and not self-checking.

Intermec SR61 User Guide

Problems And Possible Solutions The battery is low. Make sure you fully charge the battery before you start using the SR Page 6 Configuring the Intrmec Parameters To search for your local representative, During this time, you can scan configuration bar codes but not data bar codes. User Reset Factory Defaults Causes the SR61 to perform a restart and restores all configuration commands to their default settings, only if no settings are locked.

Long-term exposure to the laser beam can damage your vision.

The SR61 is not discoverable to Bluetooth management applications. You should also be familiar with Bluetooth communications. The firmware memory may be corrupted. Enables or disables the crackle sound when you scan a stacked 2D bar code.


Chapter 1 — Learning About the SR61 For more information, see the instructions that ship with the mmanual. The document was originally released as Revision To order intermsc versions of the Intermec manuals, contact your local Intermec representative or distributor.

Scanning Bar Codes Long-term exposure to the laser beam can damage your vision. When the Status light is on due to a long duration time, the SR61 can still read new bar codes and receive commands. The data is entered into your application. You can set Beep Duration to When your SR61 is discoverable, it is visible to other Bluetooth devices in communication range. Connecting and Configuring the SR61 Use this chapter to understand how to connect the SR61 to a host device and configure the SR61 to communicate with your application.

Page 8 Accessories for the SR When you successfully scan a Charge the battery immediately, and then try scanning again.

Using Vibrate Alert The aiming beam is smaller when the imager is closer to the bar code and larger when it is further away. Wipe the scanner window. Sets the trigger timeout for the Trigger Mode command. Bluetooth communications, or if the SR61 is too far from the host device.

The aiming beam is smaller when the imager is closer to the lntermec code and larger when it is further away. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Code is a very high-density alphanumeric symbology that supports the extended ASCII character set.


Scanning Bar Codes Long-term exposure to the laser beam can damage your vision.

Intermec SR61 User Guide – Page 1 of 90 |

Before interjec work with the SR61, you should be familiar with your network and general networking terms, such as IP address.

Understanding The Beeps The SR61 is trying to establish a Bluetooth connection with the host computer, or the SR61 is moving out of range of the host computer.

To connect to a host computer, enter the Bluetooth intermmec of the computer and scan the bar code with the SR This chapter contains these topics: You can check your battery status at any time. Document Change Record This page records changes to this document. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Appendix A— Specifications and Accessories 0″ 8″ 16″ 24″ 32″ 40″ 48″ 56″ 64″ in 64″ 80 56″ The SR61 is not discoverable when it is connected to a host device.