It’s at the point now where I think just the name “Jim Steinmeyer” on a This is, of course, the case with his book, “Impuzzibilities: Strangely. Buy Impuzzibilities By Jim Steinmeyer – Strangely Self-working Conjuring: Home Décor – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Buy Hahne Publications Further Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer – Book: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Sep 18, It’s at the point now where I think just the name “Jim Steinmeyer” on a book should be reason enough to buy it, assuming it covers a field of magic relevant to you.

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This is, of course, the case with his book, “Impuzzibilities: All the effects inside are close-up, done with cards or coins, and are of course self-working.

Despite the “self-working” nature, these are all gems. The book contains the following: It was used on a David Copperfield special as an interactive effect, and another variation appears in my book, Pasteboard Presentations II. One card of nine is selected, and lost by spelling the name of the card one card for each letter. The magician is nonetheless able to locate the card in an amazing manner, and can do so without touching the packet!

The magician can easily divine the number. This is a principle we all hate in a new guise you’ll love!

As more and more “planes” objects are placed into the triangle, they disappear! This is a nice variation on the classic square presentation, and gives it a good reason for what is going on.

In each phase, the performer gets better and better hands, despite the open nature of the shuffling and dealing. After the cards are mixed, and the spectator deals, it impuzzibilihies then shown that the spectator has great potential as a card cheat.

The spectator mixes up the three cards in their own hands, so even THEY don’t know where the money card is. The magician can divine it instantly, however. This routine is a completely hands-off cards across routine! From the time the spectator removes the 12 cards for the effect, until the cards change piles, you never touch the cards!

For those who are beginning, this is a wonderful and professional series of effects to learn. For the more advanced magician, these effects will prove to be powerful and magical additions impuzzibiltiies your repetoire, and are worthy of the most creative presentations you can give them.


I give it my highest recommendation. Sep 29, I endorse this recommendation.

Ensuing Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer

In particular I like Teleportation which is a very neat and surprisingly deceptive version of an old principle. The accompanying patter is supplied and is an important part of the effects. It’s a kind of mental misdirection. There are 10 kinds of people: To me this is a very overrated review.

It is more of puzzles than magic This is one book that to my perception is highly overestimated. I agree with Scott – this is an excellent book, with some real gems. It’s also nicely produced. All in all, a solid purchase. Oct 11, This is a good little book. I particularly like “the bermuda triangle” – it’s something that a person can do at a party and with a convincing personality can really amaze people.

The point that these are puzzles is absolutely right. However, many of them are a little obscure and they are generally cloaked well enough to hide the facts that would allow a person to backtrack to the solutions. Oct 13, A buddy of mine, Lew Brooks who some of you may know wteinmeyer the book “Stack Attack had a wonderful version of the “Bermuda Triangle” trick. His was done with the more traditional square.

He used to quickly brief a kid before a school show on how to move the stuff around to make the trick work. During the trick, he’d set the trick up with 12 plates, each with several cookies on them. He’d count and show that 13 cookies were on each side of the square arrangement. Every so often, he’d have to turn away from the cookies, and the kid.

The kid would take a cookie while Lew wasn’t looking, and rearrange the remaining cookies. Lew would immpuzzibilities turn back around, and ask if the kid had eaten a cookie. The kid would shake his head no his mouth obviously full! The kid was obviously telling the truth, because there were still 13 cookies on each side of the square! This happened each time, and it got more and more puzzling – how can the kid swipe so many cookies and yet still have 13 impuzzibilitiees on each side?

The obvious guilt of the kid vs. BTW, he finished the trick the only way he could – he set the plates where the kids could get them, and let them grab the cookies!

Oct 16, I like the book. JS has turned some old and new principles into potentially puzzling steinmeyerr.

The presentation patter is important and is included for each one. I too like Teleportation: I’m surprised it fools people, but it does.


The Clock Trick and two allied ones is a clever and practical application of the Kruskal principle. Oct 18, The effects and presentations are surprisingly deceptive when syeinmeyer correctly. Apr 14, For the more advanced magician, these effects will prove to be powerful and magical additions to your repertoire, and are worthy of the most creative presentations you can give them. Apr 15, It is an excellent book. I have some books by Jim Steinmeyer and I really like all of them.

Still with the Chinese circus. Jul 8, Bought the book on the recommendation of this thread.

What a nice little book! I especially liked the one O’Clock Mystery.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Impuzzibilities” – Jim Steinmeyer

As seen on the QE2 and QM2. Jul 28, I’ve read it a few times now, and have been playing around with some of the effects. SO simple, So effective! Jul 29, I also ordered stelnmeyer book booklet? I eagerly await its arrival. Magic is a vanishing Art. Xteinmeyer must not be Kansas anymore, Toto. Jan 24, You can also find it on Jim’s jmpuzzibilities Curt Frye curt curtisfrye.

Feb 2, I ordered “Further Impuzzibilities” last week from Jim Steinmeyer’s website, and it hasn’t come yet nine days later.

So, today I emailed Jim, and he responded promptly that they discovered a mistake in the write-up of one of the effects in the book which would cause it to “misfire,” so they have had to reprint a lot of copies. They won’t be filling orders right away, obviously, till they get this error corrected.

Magic Tricks

Feb 28, Does anyone have an update on Further Impuzzibilities? Has it shipped yet? I know he had the issue with the printing last month. I got it, and after one read-through my initial reaction is disappointment.

I got it mainly for the dictionary test, and though it’s given me something to think about, I would never perform it as-is. The highlight for me was a presentational hook dealing with a massive restaurant silverware conspiracy. Every problem contains the seeds of its own solution. Unfortunately every problem also contains the seeds of an infinite number of non-solutions, so that first part really isn’t super helpful.

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