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The actuator housing unit 14, 16in its encased area, is provided with a ventilation aperture 20 in which plcher ventilation element 22 produced from a microporous material is disposed.

A further contacting arrangement for electrically connecting contact pins of a piezo actuator to laterally projecting connection pins of an external connection device is known, for example, from DE 44 C1.

USA1 – Actuating Drive for Actuating a Fuel Injection Valve – Google Patents

An integral plastics injection molding provided for connecting the cover may, for example, annularly surround an end section of the lateral surface of a sleeve-shaped actuator housing and form a collar projecting in the axial direction beyond the end opening of the actuator housing. A disadvantage of the known covering by means of injection-molding, however, is that the actuating drive components covered by the injection-molded plastics material frequently have to be configured in a special way with increased complexity and cost.

Year of fee payment: In the Figure, this cover 28formed as a plastics injection molding, is shown still separate from the other visible actuating drive components, but forms an upper end closure thereof on the finished fuel injector. The fuel injector according to claim 18wherein the plastics molding contains at least one gas exchange passage.

During assembly of the actuating drive 10the cover 28 is installed from above in the axial direction A, so that the free ends of the resilient tabs on the cover 28 impinge against the upper sides of the latching projections 32 on the integral plastics injection molding 24 and are flexed radially outwardly because the upper sides of said projections 32 are configured as oblique faces and finally, upon flexing back, reach a latched state in which the radially outwardly projecting projections 32 come into engagement with the latching openings Appropriate means are employed so that unsaturated bonds of the hydrogen in the potting compound will release less oxygen from the piezoelectric ceramic.

For example, in the contact carrier according to the above-mentioned DE 44 C1, special sealing of the bores of the contact carrier against ingress of plastics material during injection molding is provided. To this end it is provided that the sealing arrangement is embodied in a liquid-tight but gas-permeable manner and opens on the outside into a cavity which is covered by a cover retained on the actuating drive by means of a catch connection.

In order to ensure a reliable seal even for comparatively thin top plates 14 in particular, the invention proposes placing a sealing-ring 28 made from an elastic sealant material on each of the terminal pin sections 30 protruding from the openings 16so that the sealing ring fits tightly to a circumferential surface 32 of the terminal pin section 30as well as to the top plate 14forming a seal, and being pressure-injected into the top plate 14 by means of a plastic extrusion coating arrows in FIG.


The present invention relates to an actuating drive and to a fuel injector formed therewith. The actuating drive 10 comprises a sleeve-shaped metal actuator housing 12 with a piezoelectric actuator abbreviation: In the circumferential direction between these resilient tabs the material of the cover 28 forms an annular circumferential collar 34interrupted by the resilient tabs, projecting downwardly in the axial direction A and having a comparatively thin wall thickness.

In addition, in this embodiment a peripheral collar 34 c projecting comparatively little in the axial direction is provided on the cover 28 c, which collar 34 c does not rest against the collar 36 c inside or radially outside the latter, but comes into engagement with a corresponding groove in the upper side of the collar 36 c when the cover 28 c is fitted.


In the embodiment represented the cover 28 has three latching openings 30 arranged equidistantly in the circumferential direction, which each project klais a resilient tab projecting downwardly in the axial direction A of the one-piece cover. One means consists in reducing the concentration of hydrogen in the potting compound, with appropriate thermal processes as a result of which the concentration of hydrogen will be reduced to below a predefined threshold being applied after the piezoelectric klasu has been encased in the potting compound.

Actuator for Actuating a Fuel Injection Valve. Only the housing of the plug olecher 18 can be seen in the Figure, which housing contains the required external connection pins which extend as electrically conductive elements through a plastics molding 20 of the contact carrier 16up to contacting sections in the form of welding lugs 22to which the contact pins 14 have been welded after installation of the contact carrier The injector has a casing 10disposed across at least part of the periphery of the actuator 1and an actuator cover 20 placed on p,echer casing The actuating drive according to claim 7wherein.

In this situation not represented the cover 28 is retained reliably on the actuating drive 10 and protects the actuating drive components located below it, in particular the contact carrier 16 with its projecting welded connection between the klsus of the contact pins 14 and the ends of the welding lugs With this design there is an increased danger of ingress of harmful media engine oil, klaux engine oil, water, or vapors thereof into the interior of the fuel injector.

In this respect, latching is superior to, for example, ultrasound welding between cover and housing arrangement, which is possible in principle.

The actuator cover 20 is laser-welded to the casing 10 in an overlapping kkaus 30 between the actuator cover 20 and the casing This refers, in particular, to the case in which components of the injection system which might be arranged outside an engine block assembly without detriment to their operation are housed inside said engine block assembly. The fuel injector according pldcher claim 13wherein the integral plastics injection molding annularly surrounds an end section of a lateral face of the sleeve-shaped actuator housing and forms a collar projecting beyond the end opening of the actuator housing in the axial direction.

Method for improving the long-term stability of a piezoelectric actuator and a piezoelectric actuator. In this exemplary embodiment, axially downwardly projecting resilient tabs of the cover 28 a are provided on their free ends with radially outwardly facing latching projections 32 a which, for latching, move into engagement with radial latching openings 30 a in lkaus integral pledher injection molding 24 a.


To improve a spring effect of the projections 32 b, in this embodiment the corresponding resilient tabs extend into the upper side of the cover 28 b. In the simplest case, such materials may klzus used at precisely the locations at which sealing elements for example, sealing rings, etc. The actuating drive according to claim 7wherein the plastics molding contains at least one gas exchange passage.

This configuration of the covering has a positive effect on ventilation of the piezo actuator, a catch connection being provided for fixing the cover to the actuating drive, so that assembly of the cover is especially simple. The cover 28 has latching openings 30 which, for latching, are brought into engagement with latching projections 32 provided correspondingly on the integral plastics injection molding Method for positioning the actuating drive in a fuel injector device for implementing said method.

This publication describes a contact carrier with bores for the plechher pins to pass through and with welding lugs arranged adjacent to plecyer bores in such a way that they can be welded to the protruding contact pins.

According to a method for finishing the housing of a fuel injector having the aforementioned features, a laser beam used for a laser welding method is incident on the overlapping area 30 in a substantially perpendicular or substantially parallel orientation in relation to the axial direction A of the actuator 1 and laser-welds the actuator cover 20 to the casing A further difference from the embodiment described with reference to FIG.

Klaus Plecher Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

Actuating drive for actuating a fuel injection valve. A sealing arrangement of a piezoelectric actuator comprises terminal posts 14 projecting from the piezoelectric actuator and a metallic top arrangement 18, 22provided with openings 28 allowing the passage of the terminal posts 14 which is emplaced on the piezoelectric actuator.

Sealing arrangement for a piezoelectric actuator for a fuel injection valve of an internal combustion engine. In this case it may be advantageous in promoting gas exchange if the plastics molding includes at least one gas exchange passage. Plecjer to a further embodiment, the gas-permeability klais the sealing arrangement can be created by a microporous material. A special klaks of this sealing arrangement is that it is embodied in a gas-permeable manner and therefore makes possible a gas exchange between the installation environment of the fuel injector and the actuator space in which the piezo actuator is contained.

On the outer periphery of the collar 36 a the opening area is comparatively large approximately rectangular and open klahs the topwhereas it is adjoined via a step in the opening edge by a smaller opening area which opens into the cavity below the cover 28 a.