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Table 4 shows the sales channels for organic vegetables and fruit in Switzerland. Overview on production and relative yields of the most relevant organic fruit production. As in the EC, preferential customs duties may be applied to imports of certain agricultural products from emerging markets and markets in transition, in accordance with the Swiss tariff preferences system Generalized System of Preferencesand these are lower than the tariffs that are usually applied.

Hence, there is a possibility that quotas could be increased over time. High customs duties are levied on a range of agricultural products such as sugar, cereals, vegetable oils and dairy products.

Faulheit ist keine Ausrede mehr. Das macht unsere Haut krank. Mit CodeCheck herausfinden, was in Produkten steckt. Test zeigt alarmierende Resultate Video-Datei In some product groups for example fruit the organic products do not always come up to the same visual quality standard as conventional products.


It is clear that domestic demand for organic fruit and vegetables will continue to grow. Swiss legislation The Swiss Ordinance on agricultural imports.

Approximately organic farms have their own vegetable production. The major retail chains need to profile themselves as socially and ecologically aware in the eyes of critical Lebensmittelverordnnug consumers. The key pieces of legislation or regulation are given in Annex IV.

In the medium term, an annual growth rate of five-ten percent can be expected. Access to the Swiss market for products from developing countries and countries in transition is set by regulations on equivalence.

Fresh fruits are available through retail chains. Foreign producers, for their part, hope for more efficient distribution of juices within Switzerland. High quality requirements imposed by traders for organic produce. Organic imports from these countries are subject to simpler procedures for approval. Government support for conversion to organic agriculture and market demand will boost the organic sector. Particular obstacles are the requirement for whole-farm organic management for example, affecting citrus holdings and the ban on imports by air increasing the need for postharvest treatment.

App scannt Inhaltsstoffe Fruit juices Apple, pear and grape juice have been produced in Switzerland lebensmittelverordnunf many years, along with juices and syrups from various other lebensmittelverorrnung blackcurrants, strawberries, etc.

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Test zeigt alarmierende Resultate Video-Datei. Imports reducing by more than 10 percent per year Imports reducing up to 10 percent per year Imports stable Imports increasing by up to 10 percent per year Imports increasing by more than 10 percent per year Fruit juices Apple, pear and grape juice originate mainly from Switzerland. The two major chains, Migros and COOP, have both vigorously pushed organic products and wish to expand their range of organic fruit and vegetables.


The main products are carrots, cabbage and celery see Table 1. Migros Bio do not prohibit air transport. In fact, some Swiss operators are looking to export organic vegetables to the UK and Germany.


Total organic vegetable production in was estimated to be between 20 tonnes. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Chemie-Hormone in jedem dritten Produkt.

Die wichtigsten Internetseiten. In this development, the most important factors are: Check deine Creme The best opportunities for organic vegetables are in supplying the market during winter months, when domestic supply is absent and import quotas are higher.

Style Notes – Achtung: Processed vegetables Swiss importers want more suppliers of processed vegetables, specifically mushrooms.